Sunday, January 2, 2022

Happy New Year for 2022.

 A Happy New Year to everyone and let's get started on making this a better year for all of us.

Last year I counted 2,622 items were donated by the Oz Comfort Quilt group's members but there would have been over 3,000 items as I ran out of time to count everything. It would be a huge help if you could count the items you deliver or post and add a note when you donate them so I can add them to the total. Also could you please attach a note with your name to your quilts and also add the size if you are donating a quilt top as it makes it easier for me to match backings. Adding your name means it saves me time when acknowledging the arrivals and when when adding labels.

Quilts, tops and blocks of any size are welcome and I also welcome QAYG blocks of any number as a great way to get quilts make quickly. Standard size is 10.5 inches and it's a great way to use up scraps of batting and fabric, and the backing can be different for each block. Instructions for the QAYG blocks can be found on my blog and the post is written under Febrary 11, 2009.

Crocheted or knitted blankets or squares are also very welcome.

Santa Sacks will be in big demand again for the end of the year and it's a good time to get started while the sales of Christmas fabric are on. There's no need to make them entirely from Christmas fabric as calico or plain red, or green would be fine with a large square of Christmas fabric stitched to the front for decoration.  They are just a drawstring bag made 16 x 20 inches or 20 x 24 inches but smaller sizes are also ok. Please overlock the seams or sew with French seams.

Drawstring bags are always in demand for toiletries, toy bags etc made in size of 12 x 14 inches with ribbon or tape for the drawstring and the seams overlocked.

Rescued teddy bears (and similar soft toys) have been very popular and we purchase them cheaply at Op Shops, which have usually have plenty to choose from. Then we sanitize them with a good soak and wash before knitting custom sleeveless jumpers to fit them in 8 ply.  if you scroll through my blog or our page here you will find instructions and if knitting isn't your thing just send them here and we will fit them out.

Soap pouches are also easy to make and in demand. Just stitch a 6.5 inch square in half,  hem the top and stitch a ribbon to  hold it closed. There are also photos on the group page.

Library bags and cloth tote bags are also much needed and there are instructions on my blog.

Hand knitted items are also very much needed and baby burp cloths and other soft toys etc for babies are also very welcome.

Binding is also very welcome in any colours and styles. If you have fabric  you want to use about half a metre is plenty but if you have more then that would be great for larger quilts. Nothing is wasted and I often join shorter lengths of binding in similar colours.

Marble Mazes are another good fiddle toy in demand and instructions can be found at where they provide a free template. I had a large donation of marbles so if you make the mazes just leave an opening for me to add the marble and I will finish it off.

I'm sure there will be many more ideas but this will get you started. Please make what you enjoy and use your stash as I will be able to place every item. Quilts are always our main focus but the other items have been really appreciated by the organizations we support and they can be a good way to use up smaller pieces of fabric. The donations we make are distributed with the assistance of social workers, case managers etc so we ensure that what we donate reaches the people for whom it's intended and we have a good working relationship with these organizations.

 Please ask if you have any questions and if you need my address I will send you a PM via FB. I am based in Ferntree Gully on the eastern outskirts of Melbourne and we're also happy with contactless drop offs.

Stay safe everyone and enjoy what you make. Many thanks for your generous donations and support.

Hugs, Jan Mac

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