Friday, March 31, 2023

Thanks To Wendy, Lorraine and Sue.

More donations have arrived with this fabulous quilt from Wendy Cadby. Unfortunately the wet weather meant that I had to take a photo inside which doesn't show it off to its best but it's beautiful and will be ideal for our flood quilt drive for Rochester. 
Lorraine Bradley donated another 13 beautifully knitted premmie and newborn baby jackets. 
Sue McPhee donated another tub of beautiful fabric as well as lots of lovely baby items including 4 knitted baby jackets,  3 dresses, 1 pair of booties,  3 pillowcases and 6 baby's blankets. 
Many  thanks for your generous support everyone. 
Hugs, Jan Mac xx 


Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Lots Of Busy Donors.

More wonderful donations have arrived with 56 drawstring bags and 87 soap pouches from Faye Hender and friends.  The ladies attended a 3 day retreat and focused solely on making these lovely items to donate.
Heather Russell (Vic) donated a beautiful knitted blanket as well as 5 beautifully knitted scarves.
Marg Coulthard (Vic) has been busy knitting and donated 2 cute teddy bears with their custom made jumpers as well as 17 more jumpers for teddies and 14 pair of socks for newborns. 
Sharon Siacci (Vic) has donated 2 verycuteSanta in Space Santa Sacks as well as 2 pair of socks for newborns. 
Bernie Murphy has donated 2 baby growsuits as well as toiletries. 
Jo-anne Starr has donated another beautiful quilt top as well as backing and binding. 

Many thanks everyone for your generous support. 

Hugs, Jan Mac 

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Lots of Busy Supporters.

Cathy Bruton and the Inverloch Chatty Crafters are a wonderful group who make and donate items for organisations we support. They have sent 2 cot quilts,  2 crocheted cot blankets,  3 dolls, 1 teddy bear, 2 knitted cardigans,  6 tote bags, 1 nappy bag,  1 scarf, 2 crocheted bags, 18 new t shirts,  4 new pair of shorts,  a large amount of new undies for girls and boys,  22 pocket hearts,  1 Christmas wall hanging, and 1 Christmas stocking. 

Caroline McAlpin from NSW has donated 4 lovely quilts which will soon be giving lots of warm hugs to people in need. 

Many thanks everyone for your generous donations and support. 

Hugs, Jan Mac xx 


Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Generous Quilters from Kyabram.

Lesley Lowe and the Kyabram quilters are very generous supporters of Oz Comfort Quilts and I have finally finished unpacking their boxes of donations.  They sent a huge amount of knitted booties and beanies as well as  2 knitted cot blankets and 22 beautifully knitted baby/toddler jumpers and cardigans. I will count everything as I  pack it for distribution. 

Lesley Lowe also made 109 Santa Sacks,  16 gift bags and 106 drawstring bags. 
Many thanks for your generous support ladies.
Hugs, Jan Mac xx 


Sunday, March 19, 2023

Fabulous Donations

I'm still catching up with recording and photographing the new arrivals and it's so wonderful to see so many fabulous donations to help people in need.  Anne Sushames has very generously donated another 4 beautifully quilted quilts for our flood quilt drive for Rochester. 

Julie Wiskin has donated another beautiful quilt top.
Karen Ceder and Chris Polsen from ACT have sent a large box containing 2 beautiful quilts,  11 quilt tops and $100 towards costs.

Marg Humphrey and the Somerville Stitchers have generously donated 3 beautiful quilts, 34 burp cloths, 5 pair of booties, 4 beautifully knitted baby jackets,  1 quilt kit,15 quilt tops,  sets of bindings,  QAYG blocks , 30 crocheted squares, 2 drawstring bags,  fabric and some UFOs. 

Kaye Hardman and friends have been busy knitting and have donated another 7 beautifully knitted beanies and a pair of booties. 
Many thanks everyone for your generous support. 

Hugs, Jan Mac xx  

Friday, March 17, 2023

Lots of Donations.

Lots of donations have arrived with a large parcel from Hilary Thornton from NSW,  containing 12 Santa Sacks,  26 drawstring bags,  61 soap pouches. 
Dee McDonald from NSW sent another large parcel containing 1 knitted cot blanket,  2 pair of knitted booties,  5 knitted bears,2 knitted vests for babies and 16 beanies.
Margaret Brown and the Nicola Court Quilters (Vic) donated 25 Santa Sacks,  133 drawstring bags,  6 metres of fabric, and a large amount of batting squares. 
Marg Spencer (Vic) dropped off a large number of donations from her friends as well as her own. She donated the fabulous QS quilt, 4 quilt tops,  backing fabric,  4 sets of binding,  12 pair of premmie booties,  1 boy's jumper, 1 knitted baby's cardigan,  3 crocheted blankets,  and 60 QAYG blocks. 

Nora Bourke (Vic) donated 21 beautifully knitted beanies. 
Lynn Hogg (Vic) donated 30 beautifully knitted squares,  1 scarf, 70 knitted beanies  and 2 baby's jackets which need sewing up.

Mary Breen (Vic) donated 2 boy's jumpers with matching beanies,  1 baby cardigan, 12 knitted beanies, 2 scarves, 1 premmie quilt, and 4 beautifully made tote/ baby care bags.

Many thanks everyone for your ongoing and generous support. 
Hugs, Jan Mac