Sunday, November 26, 2017

Almost There.

 The delivery truck brought all of our larger pieces of furniture and I was very happy to be reunited with my industrial sewing machine for quilting. She will sew through many layers without a problem at all and makes it so easy to get tops finished.
  These 3 were all made by members of my Melbourne quilting group and will be donated at our next meeting.

We have to go back to the farm for one last time to do the final clean, meet the new owners and hand over the keys. It will be a sad day but I will be very happy to have the move done. It's been an exhausting process and now I'm busy unpacking boxes and donating as much as I can to free up some limited cupboard space.
     Luckily our grandson, Jake, makes all the work worthwhile as we have been able to baby sit and get to know him as he grows. He is such a delight and tries so hard to communicate with his "goos and gaas". He's just turned 3 months old and has started sleeping through the night. Clever lad!
   Hugs, Jan Mac

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

So Long.

 Despite my best intentions it has taken me far too long to update my blog again. I will be very grateful when things settle down to a new normal. I have managed to finish another quilt for one of my niece's 4th child and only two more to deliver before the end of the year, but the quilts aren't started yet.
 I also finished quilting 3 more tops for my Melbourne quilt group and I have a few more to do before our meeting in December so we can donate them to the organizations we help.

I am emptying boxes and culling our possessions again as we still have too much stuff. I'm quilting tops as fast as I can as it's a good way to empty the shelves and use up fabric but I need to work faster. LOL. I also got new glasses as my eyesight has been noticeably deteriorating and I was shocked to find that I have a cataract, which explains my blurred vision at times. I guess surgery will be in my future too. I  was shocked as I thought I was too young for those problems but I guess time marches on. I have been working a few shifts in a nursing home for young people with acquired brain injuries, as my time allows, and only because I enjoy the interaction with the residents and staff.
   Thankfully the moving van is bringing the last of our heavier furniture this Thursday and we can finally get more settled. Of course we still have to go back and clean the farm house next week but it will be good to have Ray down here and I have spent most of my time in Melbourne since June, and he has been looking after the farm.
  I do see lots of boxes in our future but hopefully we can take some time off too.
Hugs, Jan Mac