Thursday, January 20, 2022

4th UFO Finish For 2022.

A large anonymous donation has arrived with baby items, quilts and lots of knit fabric so there will be lots of sewing happening to use it up.
I've also finished my 4th UFO for the year with this pretty quilt. The blocks were donated by Lauris Hope ( Vic) from her DD, Vikki's estate. There were 7 finished blocks of 9 and they measured 14 inches. I used 3 hexagon flowers donated from Norma Aitken and Waverley Patchworkers and appliqued them to background fabric and then made 2 more blocks.  Lauris had included the fabric so I used that to make them tie in together. 
Vicki Tootell (Vic) had donated this lovely children's sleeping bag and I just had to stitch done the binding around the neck and add buttons. The doll was a "rescue" and I knitted a little dress for her and re-stitched her mouth as some of the stitching had come away. 
It's always good to get some UFOs finished and ready for donation and I'm working on another hexie one at the moment.
Hugs, Jan Mac 


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Linda said...

What an interesting collection of donations. Well done to you for finishing them.