Saturday, August 28, 2010

What's Happening?

The last two weeks have gone very quickly with lots of boxes being packed with quilts and warm clothing for the people affected by floods in Pakistan. The last news report said that 6 million people have been affected and what I'm sending is a drop in the ocean compared to the need but if just a few have been helped then that's better than doing nothing.
I also received more utility quilts from Gladys and her lovely team of quilters from Dimboola (Vic) and these have all been packed and are ready to be shipped off.
I also managed to make a pair of blue cord pants for a 7 yr old boy and with family commitments and finishing off several quilts my time has disappeared with no blogging updates.
I have more bindings to finish off and then more quilt photos to share on my other blog at
More later. Jan Mac

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back To Work

It's been good to be busy getting more tops finished and as well as the QAYG quilt I put together I also quilted 10 quilts this week. I still need to bind the rest but here are the first 3 which are finished.
As there are over 2 million people who have been displaced by devastating floods in Pakistan, these will be donated to help provide some warmth for the people there. I'm working on getting some of the utility tops of simple squares quilted too and it's good to use up some of the backings I pieced ages ago.
All in all it's been a productive week and I've enjoyed getting back into the quilting routine again. The only problem I'm having is the continued spamming of my blog by several people who leave nonsensical comments and question marks. That's why I've had to set my comments page to be moderated. If anyone has any ideas how to stop these nuisances please let me know.
Stay warm.
Jan Mac

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's Good To Be Home

We had a great trip but decided to come home after being on the road for almost 8 weeks. We are still planning to spend 2 weeks in Sth Australia in Sept but thought we'd enjoy it more if we come home first. It's been lovely to be home again and living in a house with heating instead of in our camping trailer.
We awoke to heavy rain last night and then this evening we had a hail storm so we're getting some extremes of weather.
I finished off another QAYG quilt yesterday and today I found some donated blocks and bits and pieces to make a top. I spent some time putting them together to make a top and now I'm looking for some fabric in my stash which will be suitable for borders and a binding. I also managed to quilt 4 tops which I'll bind and photograph tomorrow. I'll show the photos on my other blog at Oz Comfort quilts.
I've missed my quilting and it's lovely to be making progress again, especially as there will be a demand for quilts to be donated to the survivors of the floods in Pakistan. The news reports have indicated that millions will be affected and are homeless in a very severe climate.
I'll write more about the quilts I'm finishing and how many I will be sending there.
Until later.
Hugs Jan Mac