Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Baby and a Block.

 One of my nieces' had a baby girl last week and she told me she loves pink for girls so I hope she likes the quilt. I make a large cot sized quilt for the new babies in the family and they use them as a play mat when the baby is little and then a cot quilt or cuddle blanket as they grow. I also appliqué the baby's name on their quilt as a nice keepsake. This little girl was going to be named Charlotte and then known as Charley but Prince William and Kate calling their baby Charlotte made the parents change their mind. They decided to name her Charley Rose and I also added lots of pink rose prints.
    It's the quickest one I've made as they will be coming up here next week. I still have another one to finish for Charley's cousin so I need to get that one done now. At least I have a plan! My sister has four children and they have each welcomed new babies in the last nine months, so there's been lots of baby quilts to be made.
    I also had to make a 12 inch block for my Melbourne Quilting Group's challenge and, as I am going to Melbourne tomorrow for the meeting on Monday, I wanted to get it finished too. We've enjoyed some much needed rain which has helped to fill our water tanks and it's been good quilting weather.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Friday, July 31, 2015


 Today was special as I delivered four finished quilts to a local organization which works with homeless teens. I think teenagers get a bad rap when often the reasons they are homeless are not their fault. Sometimes it's due to mental health issues, theirs' or their adult parents', or parental drug or alcohol abuse, or extended illness or lack of housing, or even due to the death of their parent or step-parent.
     The organization was very pleased with the crocheted blankets I'd donated a few weeks ago and Peter, the Home's Director, wanted to show us around their facilities. It was very pleasing to find the 3 crocheted blankets were carefully laid on the back of the couches and one of the Counsellors said the kids really loved to wrap themselves in them when watching TV or when they just needed some quiet time. She also said that it made the room feel so much more homely and that the kids respond positively to their surroundings.
      When you can see first- hand how quilts and blankets, made from scraps of fabric, batting, or even yarn, can make secondhand furniture welcoming it's very rewarding. They currently have 10 teens living there at the moment so I pledged another 6 for them and also asked for the teens to keep their own quilt when they are able to graduate from the program and live independently. I also could see that some large and colorful cushions which I make from scraps would also add to their surroundings.
      It was also lovely that my DH was with me and could see again how much the quilts are appreciated. It might help to soften the blow for him of living in a constant quilt factory. LOL!
I have tried to cut right back on my donation quilts as I want and need to make some for my family but it's very hard to change the habits of 20 years, especially when the result benefits others.
     So I will take any donations of QAYG blocks again if anyone wants to make some from their scraps. I am very grateful for all the blocks which have been donated in the past as it means I can put quilts together and donate them in a timely manner. In fact, the QAYG quilt in this blog post was made when we came home this afternoon, so now I have another 5 to finish now.
     I am also very grateful to Sheila, Michele and Marijke for their lovely comments about the donation quilts. I have made and donated thousands, thanks to so many lovely quilters donating QAYG blocks. I only ever wrote the blog so people could see that their donated blocks etc were finished into quilts and donated on their behalf. If I have been able to inspire others to do the same, then that is a wonderful result.
     I'd better get back to the sewing machine now and get some more finishes. The last quilt is a wonderful cot quilt which was a donated top from my Melbourne quilting group. How lucky am I that I get to play with lots of lovely fabrics and warm someone with a hand-made gift as well.
     I'm very grateful to everyone who has contributed to our quilt drives as well as reading and offering supportive comments on my blog. It seems that I just can't retire from making and donating quilts and today was a lovely reminder of how special the gift of a quilt can be for those in need.
  Hugs, Jan Mac
. If you have any QAYG blocks to post, email me for my address.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Beginnings and Endings.

 I finished another QAYG quilt from blocks made by Bev Kendall. Bev has been very busy turning scraps into beautiful blocks and I have made 5 quilts from them so far, so some homeless teens will appreciate all of Bev's hard work. I also appreciate it as it means I can finish and donate quilts more quickly.
   Another niece has had a beautiful baby , this time it was a girl so it's time to make a pink quilt. The new Mum loves pink for girls and the baby is named Charley Rose so I have included pink roses in the fabrics. I'm using my 6.5 inch tumbler die to cut the pieces and it makes it so much quicker. I hope to have it pieced to demonstrate at my next quilt meeting so members will be keen to make some donation quilts using tumblers. It will also be a great shape to use for quilts for males or even I Spy quilts for kids. I'm working again tonight so off to bed again soon.
   Hugs, Jan Mac

A Finish and Stars' Progress

 Yesterday was a rest day as I'm still having restless sleep and lots of coughing. Just when I thought it was gone too. I did finish the binding on this donated top, which I'd quilted earlier this week. I also spent some time stitching more of my stars together. I still have some to add but I am making progress. I'm back to more nights now so not a lot of stitching will happen but hopefully more sleeping.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Four Will Have To Do.

 Today wasn't as productive but I still managed to finish binding four of the quilts from yesterday. The first two will go to cancer sufferer's at Peter Mac and the last two will go to a local organization which works with homeless teens.
   The rest of the day was spent making curtains for my DD's home. I have two more sets to go. One window is 3 meters and the other is a sliding door of 2.5 meters. I really want to get them done so I can move on to other UFOs. Hopefully I can finish the binding and the curtains in the next day or two, before I'm back working nights again.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Almost Six.

Yesterday was a fun day as I went to Melbourne for my quilting group's Sit and Sew. We spent most of the time sorting the finished tops , matching them with backing, finding border and binding fabric and basically getting organized. Of course there were lots of  laughs and chatting too.
     Today was a fantastic day for quilting and I have six quilts almost finished. I machine quilted 4 tops after making backings for them all. Then I made a large quilt from the QAYG blocks I received last week, so that one is finished. I have almost finished a smaller quilt from the QAYG blocks too and plan to finish that one tomorrow. I still have 4 quilts to bind, which will hopefully get done tomorrow. Also my cough is finally subsiding and I'm starting to feel better so it was a great day.
    I'll have photos of finished quilts to share tomorrow. It's been great to have some time for quilting after working four nights last week. I plan to get more done before my next stint of nights.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Donation Quilts.

 My lovely friend, Lesley, delivered a huge bag of QAYG blocks last week and our sudden burst of cold weather has prompted me to get busy making up some more quilts to donate. I made up a larger one which will go to a local organization which helps homeless teenagers. I have plenty more squares to use now so plan on getting some more made soon.
    I also quilted another donated top which will go to Peter Mac for kids having treatment for cancer. There's always plenty of needy people who can use the warm hug of a quilt and our winter weather is ideal quilting weather too. I'd better get back to it again.
  Hugs, Jan Mac