Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Back To Basics.

 While Ray is installing our new pool fence and deck fencing my pinning area has been out of bounds so I have used my sewing time piecing more QAYG blocks. I  have also been making up more quilts from QAYG blocks that I had on hand.
      These lovely quilts will be going to Anglicare to be distributed to children in foster care. Although our Christmas is in summer, kids can always use a warm hug from a quilt.
   Thank you so much to those generous quilters who have made and donated QAYG blocks over the years. They have been invaluable in getting more quilts donated to those in need. Hopefully I will be able to donate a big pile of quilts for Christmas.

Cutting up stash fabric for binding and sashing strips is also using up lots of stash too.
Also the question about the Post Stamp quilt- the size of the squares was 1.5 inches, so 1 inch when stitched together.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Cross Stitch Tuesday.

 I'm making good progress with Jake's cross stitched Christmas stocking, despite only stitching most nights.  I plan on finishing it in time for this Christmas so showing my weekly progress is helping me to maintain my focus.
  I also have a stocking to make for my son in law and that is a few years overdue so I would like to have that finished this year as well. It's going to be a patchwork one and it's been delayed with our moving house etc so I really want to get it done this year.
  How are you all going with your Christmas sewing?
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Four More.

 With Christmas approaching rapidly my quilting group is also working hard to get quilts finished for donation to various organizations we support, such as Peter Mac Cancer Centre,  Anglicare and Vic Foster Kids.
    The first quilt was part of a larger quilt that I split to make 2 smaller quilts. I showed on in an earlier blog post. This one was the smaller of the 2 so I added borders.

This last quilt was also a larger quilt which I split into 2. I cut the side borders in half and now have enough for all sides of both quilts.
       We are also busy doing some home renovations such as putting glass fencing around the pool and using the existing wooden fence to surround the back deck so Jake can play out there without falling off the edge. It's almost summer and pool time so it will be good to have the work done so we can relax when it's hot.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Monday, November 5, 2018

Cross Stitch Tuesday.

 I used to show my cross stitching on Tuesdays and thought I would establish it again now that I have started cross stitching again. Jake loves trains and I wanted to make an heirloom Christmas stocking for him. I thought that I had better get busy stitching as Christmas will be here in 7 more Tuesdays.
I started a couple of weeks ago and I am progressing nicely so I am pleased with it. My last finished piece of  cross stitching  was a wedding piece for Jake's parents and I enjoyed the process again.
I still have more cross stitch UFOs to finish as well as more I would like to start but in the meantime I plan to finish this one in time for this Christmas and not have another UFO.

 This delughtful young man is now 14 months old and has started walking. He has just had 3 molars descend and is also producing his lower eye teeth. He is remarkedly good natured despite all these teeth coming at once.
He loves reading books and his favourite trick now is now to climb up into Pa Pa's chair and have me sit next to him. Jake certainly brightens our days with his antics and he is sleeping for a couple of hours most days which has helped give me some time to quilt during most days.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Sunday, October 28, 2018

A Block Party.

 This week it was time to get busy with some blocks and get more quilts finished in time for Christmas donations. The first blocks were stitched and donated by Sue McP from Victoria.  The blocks are really cute with lots of trains, boats cars etc and will be loved by a young boy.
 These 12 blocks were also stitched by Sue and are really intricate designs of houses and flowers. They will make a lovely quilt for a little girl.
 Sue also included these lovely stitched blocks of hearts and I will make 2 more to add to this 18. Many thanks for all of your beautiful donations, Sue.
 These blocks were from a damaged quilt and I rescued those which were undamaged and reset them with new sashing. It should look good with new batting.
This quilt top was donated by Jo from Qld and I have divided it in half as Jo's original top was much larger. It is in the pile to be quilted and will be finished soon.
    My night cough has finally gone and it's good to be back into quilting again.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Australian Quilters Association.

 I have devoted this week's sewing time to quilting 6 more quilt tops for AQA, my quilting group. Our members make lots of blocks and tops and I am more than happy to be one of the quilters who finish them off as quilts. We had quite a few older tops languishing in the group's storage space so I am trying to get those finished to make room for newer tops. We've donated 240 quilts in the past 12 months as we get lots of help from our members.
 We encourage members to assist with the sewing tasks that they enjoy and we have at least 2 ladies who are very skilled at putting together kits for members to stitch at home, as well as makjng up blocks and kits for blocks from the fabric we have received as donations. Sometimes a skill share day is organized and a new pattern or technique is taught. A Jelly Roll Race day meant we received lots of jelly roll quilts.  Some of them were too big for gift quilts so we have been making the tops smaller prior to quilting them.

 I love the scrappy nature of the first quilt I shared in this post and when I examined it more closely I could see that it was constructed from donated 9 patch blocks, combined with 9 patch blocks made from random squares. The borders are a lovely addition and this is one of my favourite tops I have quilted.
I'm still coughing at night but I am grateful that I am improving and able to get back to some quilting too.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Monday, October 15, 2018

A Change of Pace.

 The stress of our trip must have had some effect as I came down with a nasty head cold and lost my voice.  Plenty of fluids, aspirin and early nights means that it's passing quickly thankfully and I am managing to look after Jake as long as I have a nap in the afternoons.
       My DD wanted some baby hurp cloths made as gifts for friends so I did get some sewing done. I made some for baby Jake too and they are very useful and relatively quick and easy to make. Both friends are having girls so almost all if the scraps were used up. I still have lots of scraps left over from Jake's too so it mighf be a good idea to get a head start on some for future gifts.
     I have also made time to pin baste more tops for AQA so will have more quilt finishes to share soon.
Hugs, Jan Mac