Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Cross Stitch Tuesday.

We're having very hot weather at the moment so I haven't been exploring the boxes of cross stitch UFOS as I had hoped. I finished the little needle kit I was stitching and now have to make it up for a finish. Hopefully I will uncover another UFO soon as I'm finding that having a weekly report on my cross stitching is enabling me to work towards getting some UFOs finished.
    In fact, I think I will also start it for one of my long term hand stitching UFOs too.
We've enjoyed some lovely time with Jake and our DD as we have been to the beach and enjoyed a few picnic lunches. Our precious grandson is taking my time from my stitching and I don't mind a bit.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Slow Sewing.

 My daughters keep telling me that I need to do some sewing for me for once so I found a couple of antique treasures I  had bought to rescue and repair. The first one is a 16 patch Utility quilt top which was never used. It had been divided into 3 pieces for some reason, mainly pieced by machine, but not very accurately. It had a few 4 patch blocks stitched by hand and it seems to gave been pueced by several people as some were accurately pieced and well pressed but others were possibly made by children. A small amount of fabric had deteriorated so I removed that and replaced it with genuine antique fabric from that time.
 The top was from the late 1800s to 1900 and consists of lots of mourning prints, probably leftovers from dressmaking, as well as lots of gingham fabric leftover from shirts. I am planning to hand quilt this one and it's a nice representation of fabric post Civil War.
 I bought this set of antique blocks which vary in size and I am remaking them to be the same size. It's a bit challenging as there is limited fabric and there are very, very small seams to work with.
I'm enjoying doing some more antique quilt restoration to preserve the past.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Cross Stitch Tuesday.

 Well Jake's Christmas stocking still isn't constructed as the excessively hot weather we've been having has stifled my creativity. There's been more quiet reading happening than stitching too.
   I have been going through my cross stitch boxes looking for more UFOs and haven't found many of them yet but the one piece I found no longer appeals to me. I had only stitched about 1 inch square of a large piece and realized that I no longer wanted to stitch it. It's been quite freeing to assess my cross stitch stash and sell off or donate kits and charts that have been waiting too long for me to start stitching them. Selling them on has been rewarding too. Not necessarily financially, but sending them on to others to enjoy has made me much happier than having boxes of stuff I have no time for.
        I have other UFOs that I do want to finish when I find them so I will gave to jeep looking. In the meantime I found a Lizzie Kate needlecase kit which I decided to stitch. Like many others, I have been watching Marie Kondo's Netflix show Tidying Up, and it is inspiring me to downsize my craft things again. I'm also going through stored boxes and donating or tossing paperwork etc. We moved here 12 months ago and the boxes which didn't get unpacked are mainly quilting and craft items so I need to sort through what I have so I can use it and reduce the amount of boxes that I have stored in the garage.
   All of this week is going to be hot but it's still not as hot as where we lived on the farm so I will just keep working my way through the boxes.
Stay cool in the Southern Hemisphere and enjoy your cooler weather if you are in the North.
Hugs,Jan Mac

Friday, January 11, 2019

New Year, New Finishes.

 I couldn't start the year without my old faithful, go to quilts, the QAYG quilts as they go together fairly quickly and always look good,  even when combining blocks from many different quilters.
 This was another donated top which is finally finished. The alternate blocks are lovely jungle prints and will cheer a child.
This is another donated top which was made by dividing a larger quilt into 2 and then adding borders. It's great to have more finishes and I have been busy pin basting more tops to quilt as well as downsizing my cross stitch supplies in storage tubs.
  Hugs, Jan Mac 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Cross Stitch Tuesday.

I have finished all the stitching on Jake's stocking and now just have to wash it and make it up now. He loves it and lays his Thomas quilt down and then puts the stocking on top of it, then gathering his Thomas book, plate etc. He loves all things "train" and I am pleased that I finished the piece instead of adding to my UFO collection.
  My next stitching piece is a small kit I had in my stash and I will share my progress next week. While searching for my next  cross stitch UFO to finish,  I gave found lots of kits, patterns, linen and some threads,  which I know that I will never have time to stitch so I am having a serious destash, selling what I can and donating the rest. I'm not tryjng to recoup my money spent on them but hope that someone else can enjoy stitching them instead.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Back To Work.

 I've been playing with scraps and making extra blocks to go with orphan blocks I have on hand but also found some time to get back to work quiltinb toos for my quilting group's Gift Quilt program.  I love this first one and it will be ideal for a male patient at Peter Mac Cancer Centre.
 This is a pretty little top made from pink scraps and the use of an alternate block helps to tie them all together . I added borders to make it larger and it will be pretty for a little girl.
This last top is a pretty ond for a female patient at Peter Mac.  It's good to get some of the many tops quilted and I plan to get more done soon. I'm also having a clear out of some of my cross stitch kits, patterns and fabrics and plan to destash and sell them on. Busy days ahead of me.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Friday, January 4, 2019

A Wonderful Timely Delivery.

 I received a huge parcel of QAYG blocks from Stephanie D. in Western Australia on Friday and imagine my surprise when I received another large parcel of blocks from Stephanie D. a few days later.  Stephanie has given me a huge gift of time by making 160 QAYG blocks, as well as cutting 3 sets of joining strips for the blocks.
 Stephanie has made these beautiful blocks very quickly and was able to use up lots of batting and fabric scraps,  as well as using some old orphan blocks for the back of some of the QAYG blocks. 
     Making the blocks takes quite a lot of time and Stephanie has gifted me with hours of time which means that I can spend more time finishing the blocks into donation quilts . I plan to get lots more finishes to share soon.
I hope you are all enjoying some time planning your projects and finishes for 2019.
Hugs, Jan Mac