Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Catching Up.

 While unpacking boxes and washing fabric I have also been matching backings to tops and finally get some more finishes. These will all be donated to Anglicare for kids in Foster Care and will give them a big warm hug from everyone who has sent tops, blocks or fabric.
 To deal with lots of scrappy pieces I cut them into squares and a friend pieced them into tops a few years ago so it's good to have them quilted for donation.

 This is the back of the Winnie the Pooh quilt and I pieced a back from some of the 6.5inch squares I have accumulated. I quilted it from the back, using the squares as reference points which saved me from marking the top for quilting.
The sewing machine is running hot as is the washing machine, so there will be more finishes to share very soon.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Monday, September 25, 2017

My Sincere Apologies.

 As I am spending most of my time in our new home in Melbourne now life has been very busy with little time for quilting or sewing. I also burned through $100 in 2 weeks of using a dongle for internet access as loading photos  uses up a lot. Thankfully we now have the internet connected and I will be able to load photos etc easily again.
    I did manage to get home to the farm for 2 days and madly packed boxes and sorted through things in the back of the shed. I knew there were more donated QAYG blocks in storage and thought the remaining boxes held donated fabric, so I was astounded to find 2 finished quilts there, leftover from the donations for the bushfire appeal for Kinglake in 2009.
    I am so very sorry that I missed distributing these on your behalf. We did distribute enough quilts for their community, as well as to other areas, but I was so disappointed to know that these two lovely quilts could have been bringing comfort to someone in need.
 The first Flying Geese quilt was donated by Sue N. from NSW and the second lovely quilt was made and donated by Mandurah quilters in WA. I have washed them both to freshen them from storage and they will be donated to the Peter Mac Cancer Centre to give a warm hug to 2 patients. I do hope that this is OK with those who put all their time and money into making them.
  I have cleared almost all of the stored blocks and tops etc and now have a very busy time ahead as I get them finished. Hopefully DH will be able to bring down my industrial sewing machine on his next trip down so I can get more QAYG blocks made into quilts.
 This little laundry hamper was one I bought and then machine appliqued the little deer to match the nursery's Woodland theme. This little blue cardigan was another one I've just finished and it's one of his favourites as it's small enough to fit him.

I plan to blog more frequently again now we are connected and will have some more finishes to share very soon.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Monday, September 11, 2017

Fabulous Donation Quilts.

 Wow time has got away from me and my blogging time has been put to one side while I play at being a grandmother. These beautiful quilts have all been donated by my lovely blogging readers and they will all be donated to Peter Mac Cancer Centre on your behalf.
The first 2 quilts were made and donated by Ann G. from NSW  and will bring comfort and brighten up the rooms of the recipients. I'm so sorry that it took me so long to post the photos and thank you for your generous donation, Ann.

 The following 3 quilts were made and donated by Sandra McL. and Ramona H. Ramona dropped off a big bag of the quilts, some tops, blocks and fabric and they will all help to make more donation quilts so thanks very much ladies.
 I am not getting to sew or quilt at the moment as we are busy packing, decluttering and moving boxes to our new home. It's a huge job but it will all be worth it when it is over. I really want to get back to quilting tops but hope to get plenty done when we are finally moved and settled in here.
   Many thanks for your congratulations and well wishes. We babysat little Jake for almost 8 hours on Saturday as the new parents had a wedding to attend and he was a delight so we can see that we have made the right decision to move to be closer to give support and also just to enjoy being grandparents.
Hopefully my blogging will get back on track soon too.
Hugs, Jan Mac