Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Many Thanks Kaye S.

Kaye Scapetti very kindly donated another 6 fabulous quilts as well as 4 beautifully knitted baby's blankets,  4 lovely quilt tops and a very generous $100 toward costs.

These lovely donations will bring lots of warm hugs to people in need. 
Hugs, Jan Mac xx


Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Today's Deliveries- 52 Quilts Etc.


Today was delivery day to Eastern Palliative Care and Life's Little Treasures.
We delivered 20 quilts and 2 beautifully crocheted blankets to Eastern Palliative Care and the staff loved all the beautiful quilts that you've donated for their clients.
Life's Little Treasures provide information and support to families with premature and sick newborns by supplying 160 neonatal nurseries around Australia with vital supplies such as specialized clothing.
Today we delivered 32 quilts, 18 knitted blankets, 35 pairs of booties, 85 beanies, 20 knitted teddies, 50 knitted jackets, 2 pair of mittens and 79 snuggle hearts.
They were thrilled with all of your donations as they were almost out of many of their basic items again. Their biggest need is the knitted small teddy bears, large premmie or newborn sized jackets in 8 ply and the 8 ply knitted blankets. They also request that you don't use fluffy yarn. Acrylic yarn is fine as some babies are allergic to wool. The patterns are on their website and I'll repeat them here. They request that any items don't have lacy patterns as the tiny fingers and toes can get caught in the threads, but you can use your own patterns of similar sizes. The jackets are for 15 inch or 17 inch chest size.
🧶We especially need large sizes in each item and ask that these patterns are followed as they have been specifically designed as safe for tiny fingers and toes.
I've also included the knitting patterns for the small teddy bears and baby blanket.
I wish you could see how much the different organizations appreciate all of your wonderful donations and please know that everyone of them does make a difference. xx
Hugs, Jan Mac xx

Monday, October 23, 2023

Lots of Warm Hugs.

Sharon Barnes delivered 22 beautiful quilts made by her quilting group, Primary Patchworkers of Sale and Maffra. The quilts were made by Helen, Liz, Pat, Sandi, Joan and Sharon.

 Many thanks for your beautiful quilts ladies. They will give lots of warm hugs to children in need.

Hugs, Jan Mac xx

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Lots Of Lovely Donations

Lots of donations have arrived which will bless so many people in need. 

Margo Barber from Tasmania is a long-term supporter of Oz Comfirt Quilts and she has sent another large parcel containing 3 beautiful quilts as well as 2 cuddly crocheted blankets. 

Leonie Noakes has donated 4 beautiful quilts. 

Patricia Blackwell has donated lots of beautifully made items including 15 bibs, 8 knitted beanies,  1 pair of booties,  1 set of bunting, change mat covers, breast pads, 3 baby wraps, 3 cute dresses, 3 knitted toys, 9 tote bags, 3 pencil cases, 1 hand towel, bibs ready to sew and some fabric.

Wendy Fry has very kindly made 13 pair of track pants from fleece fabric donated by Nada Kosic and Margaret Brown.
Kaye Hardman has very kindly made 11 pair of track pants from fleece fabric donated by Jo Algie.
Kaye also made 8 drawstring bags from fabric donated by Dymphne Anderson.

Many thanks for your generous support and donations everyone. Lots of people in need will really appreciate all of your hard work.

Hugs, Jan Mac xx


Friday, October 13, 2023

Donations From Interstate.

More parcels have arrived,  this time from interstate. Delys Rogers from WA has sent another large parcel containing a beautifully crocheted blanket as well as 7 teddy bears.

 Marie Warden from NSW has also sent another large parcel containing some lovely fabric panels as well as more fabric to make drawstring bags and quilts.
Many thanks for your generous donations and support everyone. 
Hugs, Jan Mac xx 

Saturday, October 7, 2023

So Many To Thank.

Lots of wonderful donations have arrived and I'm also caught up with the documentation and photographing them. If I'm not showing them as soon as they arrive it's not because they aren't appreciated but just because life is very busy. Your generous and ongoing support is so appreciated by all of the people who receive your lovely donations .

Ann Crimp from WA has sent another large parcel containing 1 quilt, 4 knitted premmie jackets,  1 knitted teddy and 2 bucket hats.

Kathy Lee (Vic) donated a large lovely quilt top and 3 Santa Sacks. 
Dianne Daly (Vic) has made another 4 nappy bags, 1 skirt, 9 bibs and 49 soap pouches. 
Chris Polsen from ACT generously donated $100 toward costs as well as 7 lovely quilt tops,  2 bears and a pack of baby wool and a pattern.
Cathy Bruton and the Inverloch Chatty Crafters donated 7 knitted/crocheted blankets,  4 scarves,  6 tote bags, 1 teddy and a large piece of backing fabric, and Pam Neenan very kindly couriered them to me.
Tammy Lyne (Vic) sent 5 large parcels containing 81 Santa Sacks, 7 lovely fabric panels, a set of blocks in bright colours and black aswell as 2 packs of 19 FQs in cute kid's prints. 

Marie Warden (NSW) has sent another large parcel containing 2 lovely quilts, 1 knitted blanket,  2 soap pouches with soap,  1 tote bag, 4 pair of pyjama pants,  2 t shirts, and 1 hoodie.
There was an anonymous donation of 3 cute quilt tops,  a pretty appliqued block and some fabric.
Wendy Fry donated 9 very cute skirts and 4 pair of shorts for Uniforms 4 Kids Victoria, and made from obsolete uniforms donated by Ambulance Victoria. 

Loreen Kelly (Vic) donated a huge bag containing 48 Santa Sacks, 96 drawstring bags, 83 soap pouches, 1 quilt top with backing and binding, 2 UFO wall hangings, and 9 orphan blocks. 

Eileen Nash donated another 9 lovely crocheted blankets. 
Kaye Hardman and Janet Kidson donated 19 teddy bears and Sally S. beautifully knitted jumpers for them.
The following lovely quilts were donated by Marie Warden from NSW. 

Maureen Gray donated the next 2 lovely quilts. 

Tasha Lock (Vic) donated the next 2 lovely quilts.