Saturday, January 22, 2022

Many Thanks Kathie, Jill, Maia and Maret.

More lovely donations have arrived with Kathue Williamson (Vic) donating a large hexagon quilt as well as 3 beautifully knitted jumpers for toddlers.
Jill Khong (Vic) donated a new QS doona, 4 cute teddy bears with their knitted jumpers, 9 new books for children,  5 beautifully knitted baby's jackets, 1 beanie, 3 scarves, and 15 bright and cheerful library bags. 

Maia and Maret Butler from NSW sent a large amount of knitting wool and yarn.
We had our booster shots on Thursday and feel a bit tired so I will be doing some knitting in hand sewing and nothing too strenuous. We're relieved to have been able to get it and avoid Covid infection, so far.
Stay safe. Hugs, Jan Mac 


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