Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Five For Now.

 We've settled into a routine where I mainly quilt on the weekends now as time is limited during the week, especially as Jake is trying to drop his afternoon nap. These first 3 tops were all made and donated by Jo L. of Qld, and they will be donated to the Peter Mac Cancer Centre. Jo has nade some beautiful tops and some of the larger ones I divided into 2 so they are a more appropriate size to donate.

 I had some smaller donated QAYG blocks and made more to have enough to make them into a quilt. This one will go to Anglicare for kids in foster care.
  The last quilt was a donated top and now that it is quilted it will also be donated to Peter Mac.
Life is busy but rewarding as I am still managing to finish some quilts as well as devoting all of my week days to playing and caring for Jake.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs,Jan Mac 

Sunday, May 20, 2018

A Slower Week.

 So much for my plans to quilt while Jake sleeps.  Instead I have been napping too! It has seemed like age is catching up to me and he's not crawling yet. We are managing well but usually toward the end of the week I'm not getting much done but I started the week tired too. Luckily I got plenty done on Saturday.
     The first quilt was a donated top which I added a border to so it would be a larger lap quilt for Peter Mac.
 The second quilt was made from smaller QAYG blocks and I made some extra to have enough for the quilt. This one will go to Anglicare.
 The last 2 quilts were tops made by my quilting group and I quilted them for our Gift Quilt Program.  Not as many finishes as I had hoped but better than none.
Hopefully I will have more energy this week.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Thirty Eight!

 Busy times here with lots of baby cuddles, singing and playing and not a lot of time for blogging. Every spare minute left is being used for quilting.
  However at the weekend I boxed up 30 quilts and delivered them to Peter Mac Cancer Centre as well as 8 quilted tops for my quilting group's Gift Quilt program. Yes that's right 30 for Peter Mac thanks to your lovely donations. The first quilt here is one of the fabulous tops seng by Jo L. from Qld. I divided it into 2 tops which made it an ideal size for a donation quilt. The second quilt was another from donated QAYG blocks in a 12 inch size.  I have a few variations in block sizes on hand and just make a few extra if there's not enough for a quilt.

 The remaining quilts are tops I have quilted and most of these will also be going to the Peter Mac Cancer Centre from AQA's gift quilt program and will be presented at our Biggest Morning Tea event in 2 week's time.

It's been great to box up 38 more quilts for donation which leaves me more room for the next lot I am finishing. I am trying to sew my way out of the mess in the sewing room but there is no visible difference yet. Lol. I think we have passed the goal of 100 quilts for Peter Mac and I  think we have already reached 117 but I need to check that. Either way the need is still great so I  plan to keep quilting as time allows.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Old Faithful.

 Thanks to having so manh donated QAYG blocks on hand,  I have been able to stitch them together every time I get a small amount of time to sew, usually during Jake's nap time. He's in a good routine now so I try to have fabric prepared to join the blocks and I have finished these 4 in the last few days.

They're all different and despite being made by many different people, they all play nicely together. I plan on dropping off some more quilts for Peter Mac Cancer Centre this weekend so will give an updated number soon.
    Apart from that I have been busy singing and reading stories to Jake. He is such a delightul little boy who is a pleasure to have here. DH even commented om jow muvh he misses him at the weekends. I guess moving has been a success for both of us. Lol
Hugs, Jan Mac