Monday, August 25, 2008

Second Try with photos

The donated QAYG blocks from the deceased estate and some of the books I've donated to the rural library.

A Generous Donation

I sincerely believe in "passing it forward" and have it confirmed frequently enough to convince me that it works. I decided to pass on books I've read to a small rural interstate library as they don't get many funds to increase their number of books available. I'm sending mostly latest releases and hope that many more people will enjoy them.
Some of the books are shown here and I am sending 26 books. It will be a huge help to me as I am trying to downsize and I prefer to give books where people can access them rather than having them sitting on my overfull shelves. I'll try to upload photos later as blogger won't let me now.
Now for the "pay it forward"! I was contacted by a lady who wanted to donate her deceased sister's part finished quilts and fabric. I met her today and there were 2 beautiful quilts tops and a set of string-pieced blocks done using the QAYG method. They will make some lovely donation quilts and I feel honoured to be able to finish off someone else's UFO's and donate them where they will be appreciated.
Hugs JJ

Saturday, August 23, 2008

First posting

I'm just starting out in blogging so wanted to see what template etc I wanted to use first. Hopefully I can post some interesting photos for other quilters and crafters.
Cheers, JJ