Thursday, May 6, 2021

Many Thanks Marijke, Jo and Annette

My lovely friend,  Marijke, from Holland, has been a long-term supporter of Oz Comfort Quilts and she has very generously donated another 8 lovely quilt tops with binding.

She also donated a large amount of Christmas themed fabric to make Santa Sacks as well as 2 teddy bears.
Jo Menzies (Vic) has been very busy sewing and she has donated a beautiful cot quilt as well as  29 Santa Sacks and 8 drawstring bags.

Annette Silcock from the Northern Territory has again donated another 3 lovely quilt tops as well as some binding.
Thank you all so much for your generous donations and support everyone. 
Hugs, Jan Mac 


Sunday, May 2, 2021

Many Thanks Quilters - Sharon and Anne.

I've been busy binding the quilts that some very generous professional quilters have quilted for Oz Comfort Quilts and I'm very grateful for their help.  This first fabulous and huge top was donated by Gill Wright from NSW and beautifully quilted by Sharon Siacci from Beyond Meander Quilting.  The quilting really enhances this beautiful quilt and it will be treasured by its recipient. 
Anne Sushames,  from Anshabelle Quilting, is also a professional quilter and she very generously quilted several quilt tops too. This first top was made by Margaret Humphrey (Vic) and Anne has quilted both of these beautifully. 
I will have more to share when I have finished the binding on the remainder.  I have also been busy knitting more little jumpers for rescue bears from Op Shops, and they will all be donated for children in care. If you find any bears or dolls in good condition and not too expensive, I'm always looking for more to dress for Christmas presents for kids in foster care.

Many thanks for your generous support everyone. 

Hugs, Jan Mac 


Friday, April 30, 2021

Many Thanks Sue and Judy.

I forgot to tell you that I finished Sophie's shawl just in time for her arrival. I knitted it in 3 ply and it had almost 1,000 stitches and it took over an hour for each row. Then I had to knit a lace edge to sew around the outside which took a while, even though there weren't many stitches for that, as it measures about 48 inches across.
It was a lot of work but I wanted to gift Sophie with something she could use for her children. I finished knitting on the Monday night and then had to block it on Tuesday. Luckily it dried in time for us to see her on the Thursday. 
Now for more quilts. Sue Palmer  (Vic) has very kindly donated another 2 beautiful quilts for someone in need of comfort. 
Judy Alcock (Vic) also very generously donated the next 7 fabulous quilts.  I love the appliqued cats and mice and the horses.

I also received a thank you from Knox Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation Team , who were very happy to receive the 20 quilts I delivered for their clients last week. The Team Leader said that it was obvious that we had put a lot of time and effort into the quilts. They meet daily  with many victims and witnesses  with anxiety or similar mental health issues and they're sure that their clients will find the quilts to be very comforting. They work with all age groups- a lot of young children, but also adults of all ages and various cognitive impairments,  so I  will check back  with them regularly to see if they need more.

 It's great to know that we can help traumatised people during some challenging times. I spent today binding quilts so I should have more finishes to share soon. 

Many thanks for your generous donations and support everyone. 
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Welcome Sophie Catherine

Better photos of our first precious grand daughter. Her second name was Catherine after my much loved maternal grandmother and our DD's second name (Sophie's Mum) is also named after her
The boys love her and we had a lovely week looking after the boys and now they're all settling in at home again and it seems very quiet here. LOL, but more time to sew.
We feel very blessed to have 3 healthy grand children to love and treasure, and maybe spoil a little.

Hugs, Jan Mac

Many Thanks Delys and Wendy and a Special Arrival.

Delys Rogers from WA is a long-term supporter of Oz Comfort Quilts and this time she sent a lovely quilt top, fabric for backing and binding,  as well as 2 lovely crocheted blankets and 7 lovely knitted beanies. 

Wendy Yates from Victoria has been very busy again and sent 12 beautiful baby burp cloths and 12 new children's books.

Our precious grand daughter,  Sophie Catherine entered the world a week ago and we all fell in love with her. 
Covid restrictions meant that it was hard to get photos and so I delayed sharing the news until I could show her photo. We also had the boys here for the week while their parents were in hospital and it was a very busy time but such a happy family time to share. The boys were beautifully behaved and they're both besotted with their little sister.

 I had a day to  make the appliqued elephant pillow for the 1 week photos and now we've caught up at home I'm getting back into the quilting.

Hugs, Jan Mac 

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Many Thanks Margaret and Glenys.

Margaret Fleming has been very busy sewing quilt tops from her stash and has dropped off another 9 which means there will be lots more lovely quilts to donate soon.

Glenys Clifford also included a large bag of QAYG blocks,  fabric and orphan blocks to combine with others I have on hand and they will make more beautiful quilts to donate . Many thanks for your generous donations everyone. 

Hugs, Jan Mac 


Friday, April 16, 2021

Twenty More Quilts Delivered.

Today I visited the  Knox Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation Team to deliver 20 quilts for their clients. I included quite a few I Spy quilts as they are a good way for the police to develop a rapport when interviewing children. The clients will hopefully get some comfort from receiving a quilt during such a challenging process.
This brings our total to 268 quilts delivered so far this year which is a fantastic  number.

I also received another lovely parcel from Julie Wisden (Vic) containing a lovely selection of orphan blocks as well as a beautiful large quilt top. 
Jenni Strachan (Vic) has been very busy and donated 15 beautifully knitted beanies,  which will be very welcome now that our weather has turned colder.

I have also been finishing off the baby shawl for our granddaughter who is due within a week or so and knitting more baby jackets to donate, as well as finishing more quilts made from QAYG blocks which I will share soon. It's been good to feel better and have enough energy to get back to my quilting and sewing.

Many thanks everyone for your generous donations and support which has meant that 268 people have received the comfort of a quilt from us already this year.

Hugs, Jan Mac