Sunday, December 15, 2019

Weekly Catch Up.

 It's been a busy week but then again they all seem to be. We had family staying and I seemed to have a virus causing headaches,  excessive tiredness and nausea for most of the week. DH is worried I might be getting Chronic Fatigue again so I am trying to rest up a bit more.
    These 3 quilts were tops made by members of my quilting group and I am getting a head start for next year by getting a few finished now.

 My DD wanted to nake a quilt for Aidan so I cut and pressed while she sewed and we tried to get it done while the boys slept. Now we have to add sashing and borders before I quilt it.
I've also been stitching more 6 pointed stars and appliqueing them to background fabric which is nice and relaxing. I still have lots to do but this coming week will be busy with DD back at work fulltime for a week and, as she's still breastfeeding, I will have to take Aidan to her for feeds, hopefully only once a day.
      Every year I wish I had started preparing to make Christmas items earlier for Peter Mac but some finished is better than none and at least I got a lot of quilts finished. I'm also hoping to get more UFOs finished before the end of the year but spending time with family is also a priority so I will try not to worry if I don't get much sewing time.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Another Special Delivery.

 Yesterday a very large parcel arrived from Maria W. of Western Australia and it was packed full of quilts to donate to Peter Mac.  Maria is an ongoing supporter of Oz Comfort Quilts and these 4 fabulous quilts will bring so much joy this Christmas for those in need of a warm hug. The vibrant colours of the first 2 are both so cheerful and will be treasured.
 The quilt below is in lovely soft pastel colours and the applique is beautiful.
 The last quilt is also brightly coloured and has great kid's prints.

 Maria also very kindly added some more blocks to be added to some I have on hand here.
 This fabulous "happy birthday" bunting was made by Maria for my grandsons, Jake and Aidan, and it will be lovely to decorate with it for their birthdays.
Thank you so much for all of your support with these quilt projects Maria and I will drop them off to Peter Mac this week. Lots more people will enjoy our quilts this Christmas thanks to all of you and your support of Oz Comfort Quilts .
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Today's Happy Mail.

 Many, many thanks to Stephanie D. from Western Australia who sent 82 QAYG blocks and 2 sets of sashing to join the blocks. Stephanie you have gifted me with hours of time by supplying me with more QAYG blocks and they will be a great way to start off the next collection of quilts for Peter Mac .
 I also received a lovely Christmas card from Peter Mac to thank everyone who has donated  to Oz Comfort Quilts and contributed to the quilts we donated as well as all of the items we produced for their auxiliary shop .
They also included a letter which outlines all of the projects funded by sales from the Peter Mac auxiliary shop and it's wonderful to see how our donations play a small part in funding their wonderful work to provide assistance to their patients for extra services.
       Thank you all so much for your help with these ongoing projects which are making a difference in the wider community.
    Hugs, Jan Mac 

Monday, December 9, 2019

UFO Monday.

 As I finished another 3 UFOs on the weekend I thought I would tidy up my sewing room and I found another 3 to work on. Really I could work on UFOs non stop as I receive some as donations and lots are mine too. The first photo shows a quilt made from the diamonds that I am currently stitching. I stitch them together and then applique them to a background square of fabric.
 I found more of mine that I had started to piece years ago and they are similar in size to my recent acquisitions so I will integrate these into the new ones. I used to glue tye papers on but I changed back to stitching these onto the paper and I'm enjoying the process of some hand stitching.
 I also found this set of 9  donated blocks so will see if I can find some more which will play nicely with these.
 This large package contained some donated blocks and lots of matching fabric so I will create a top from these. It won't be as the original quilter intended but it will be finished.
 This mix of blocks was donated and as there's not enough for a quilt and they don't really match each other, I will take apart the blocks that have been joined together and see if I can either find some similar blocks to jojn them, or make some to match them.
Luckily I love working on finishing UFOs, both mine and those donated so I can see that I won't run out of things to work on for a while.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Weekly Catch Up.

 I had no quilts finished this week and less sewing time as DD badly sprained her ankle and had to rest it as much as possible so we enjoyed looking after our lovely grandsons. I had already decided to focus on getting some items made for sale in the Peter Mac auxiliary shop to help them raise funds for patient's services. This first table topper was made by Jo B. and I quilted it in time for sale for Christmas gift giving.
 These 2 table toppers were both UFOs and they are UFO finishes 35 and 36 for the year. They were fun to make and it's great to have more UFO finishes.
 The top table runner was also a UFO  and it's my 37th UFO finish for the year, and the one below was a panel piece I made into a table runner as it has a tea and coffee theme.
 I decorated 5 tea towels and 2 hand towels for sale as Christmas gifts.
 I made 3 small bags and the cushion below as well for gifts. Sue McP. had donated the lovely panel for the cushion.
 During the week I also pieced 10 of these stars and appliqued 9 of them to fabric. Some of these star pieces were donated and some were cut from donated fabric. As some of them came to me through my quilting group ,AQA , I am piecing them for use by AQA's Gift Quilt Program . It's a nice change of stitching while watching TV at night.
Jake has just decided to stop having his afternoon nap unfortunately so it looks like I will need to sew at night again. He loves copying what we do and had started to place plastic cakes in my CD Rom, turn on the computer and tell me he's cooking cakes. We decided to buy him a little kitchen and he loves it. He helps Pa to make cup cakes and  now he can pretend bake as much as he likes.
       It's been great to get so nany items ready to be donated to the Peter Mac auxiliary shop but I wish I had started earlier. Nevermind every bit helps and there will still be a need for more even after Christmas . Oh, and it's our 40th wedding anniversary today  and it has flashed past, and I would marry him again if we went back in time. Ray's been a wonderful life partner and husband.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Gail Pan Designs.

At my quilting group's  last quilt meeting for the year we presented quilts to Peter Mac, Foster Care of Vic and Anglicare with a total of 318 for the year.  After the Gift Quilt Show and Tell we have about 20 quilts ready for next year's donations.
     We shared a lovely morning tea and our guest speaker was Gail Pan. She entertained us with the story of her quilt journey to where she is currently as an author of 4 books, many patterns, fabric designer and international teacher. Gail specializes in stitcheries and needleturn applique and she shared many of her quilts and smaller stitchery projects.
      I always like to support local designers and I couldn't resist buying 2 of her books some of her fabric and a beautiful pattern. The pattern will be ideal for using a variety of my accumulated fat quarters and it's a mux of easy piecing as well as applique . It's tempting to start a new project by starting this pattern bug tye UFOs are still demanding attention. The question is how long can I resist the need to start something new.  Lol. Check out Gail's web page too as she has many lovely designs to tempt you.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Monday, December 2, 2019

UFO Monday - 32nd, 33rd and 34th Finishes.

 When I decided to work on reducing my UFOs I never dreamt that I would be able to finish so many. There's still plenty to work on too but it's great to have so many finished , reducing the fabric stash and making room on the shelves.
   This first one was a pile of donated strips and I added brown hand dyed fabric donated by Maree St C. of Vic and it's going to be a lovely quilt for a male patient at Peter Mac Cancer Centre.
 This top was left over from a larger one of simple squares. I think I used the larger piece as a backing and was thinking of doing the same with this piece until I found this beautiful fabric for the border. Just adding the floral stripe added so much to the simple squares and it will also go to Peter Mac.
This last quilt was also the remains of a much larger top which I had made smaller to make it more appropriate for donation. I added borders and it will also be donated to Peter Mac . I still have more of these to finish off too.
      Whether the finished quilts were UFOs or not doesn't really matter as they are all donated but it's great to have more of the UFOs finished so they can be donated.
Hugs, Jan Mac