Sunday, April 5, 2020

More Quilt Donations.

Before we put the finished Oz Comfort Quilts into storage I received another 10 from the Bendigo and District Quilters. They donated 63 and I have been receiving them from Mary Anne Rooney and Susan Iacuone as Susan traveled to Melbourne.

These 10 beautiful quilts will be such lovely comfort gifts when we can finally start distribution again.
I also received 25 quilts from my quilting group, AQA, and there wasn't much time for photos as we were trying to beat the oncoming rain and the possibility of travel lockdown due to the Covid-19 virus. Isn't this Nemo quilt a great idea. It possibly started as a panel.

I'm very grateful that a very kind friend was able to arrange storage for the quilts while we were waiting to distribute them. Little did we know that the virus impact would put a complete hold on any travel and distribution, so we are very grateful that we don;t have to live in a Quilt Factory for months.
   In the meantime, we'll now have room to store those quilts I am currently finishing off. As these restrictions are going to be ongoing for some time, I have listened to everyone's advice to slow down and take some time to work on projects other than quilting non stop. I would like to finish off more UFOs again so they might make another appearance if I can find them. I hope you're all enjoying some quiet "me" time as well so we will be energized when things return to normal.
Stay safe. Hugs, Jan Mac

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Time For Slow Stitching .

 I've been very busy making gowns and masks for a major hospital to be used to help them retrain staff in time to deal with the expected increased impact on their resources by Covid-19 virus.  With help from some of  my Oz Comfort Quilts quilters, we made 15 gowns, 15 masks and 9 scrub hats in the last week. However, although we used the pattern they requested it appears that they have changed their mind about what they require. It's very disappointing when we put in so much time and fabric to make them at short notice but the stresses of working under pressure to get thjngs done quickly means that they didn'tmake a group decision about what they wanted. Initially the feedback was that they were very happy with them but the person in charge wants to try another style.
     The items we made won't be a waste as I have been asked to supply them by another group so we will pass them onto that group. I did suggest it might be a good idea to seek professionals as a factory in Sydney has been contracted to make scrubs for a hospital in Sydney. I was happy to help but would really prefer to be quilting.
     I have been feeling very tired so I have taken the last couple of days a bit more slowly and decided to spend some time slow stitching as spending so much time at the sewing machine was also causing a few aches and pains.
      A lovely lady in Qld, Linda Rother, very kindly donated 4 incomplete Blocks of the Month and 2 friends are finishing 2 of them and I have one to work on. These blocks have a mix of applique and some stitchery and I am enjoying the change of pace.  Linda had commenced 3 of the 12 blocks and I have finished up 2 of those.
The block below was finished apart from the stitchery.
The block above has been partially appliqued and I am working on that one now.
These blocks will be finished for the Oz Comfort Quilts bushfire quilt appeal and I will probably make 2 quilts for kids as the blocks are quite large.
    I hope you're all staying safe and enjoying working on finishing up some UFOs as well as getting excited by new projects.
     I'm going to try to slow down a bit, and I must need it, as I have been having nanna naps for the last couple of days.  So I will be busy quilting and also spend some quiet time stitching.
  Hugs, Jan Mac

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The Quilt Factory Has Expanded.

 The escalating effects of Covid-19 virus means that we had to pause distributing the quilts for the Oz Comfort Quilts bushfire quilt appeal.  So we didn't continue living in a quilt factory,  there was a rush to box up all the quilts here and get them into storage. That happened on the weekend and we managed to move them before it rained and before the government put the State into lockdown.
 That was a lot of work but it was good to have it finished.  I have plenty of tops to quilt and will keep working on them so we will have plenty of quilts on hand when we can start distribution again.  We placed 363 quilts into storage and we have distributed 85 quilts in Corryong so far. Now that we have created space I will have room at home for those quilts I will be finishing now.
 As we were packing away the finished quilts I was contacted by a major Melbourne hospital and asked if we could provide them with 50 each of Drs gowns, masks and scrub hats,  as soon as possible,  so they could be used when training med students, anaethestists etc . They need 50 as they are starting to train and retrain medical staff to be available for a possible tsunami of Covid-19 virus patients needing intensive care and ventilation. The hospital provided a disposable gown which I used to draft a pattern.
 I also made a face mask to their directions.
So far, I have made 7 gowns and an AQA friend made 2 gowns, masks and scrub hats since Monday. The hospital has approved the gown and mask and I will keep making them and hope we can get them made quickly enough for their training program.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Friday, March 27, 2020

Donations From Australia, the US and the UK.

 Today's online quilt show has been brought to you by quilters here and also the US and UK. Robin Walker from Tasmania sent the lovely string pieced blocks which I backing with cuddly flannelette, also donated by Robin and the Fishbowler Sewists from Launceston Tasmania.
 This next beautiful top for a teenager was donated by Carol Egan, a long time supporter of Oz Comfort Quilts in the US.
 Rosemary Kreun and Tracey Leonard collaborated on the next 2 quilts, with Rosemary doing the piecing, and Tracey doing the quilting  on these lovely kid's quilts.
 Kerry Moore from WA has been a very generous supporter and she has sent this lovely boy's I Spy top which I bound with fabric donated by Petra McLennan from Moe, so it was a real collaboration of quilters.
 Linda Ashworth from the UK has also been a very generous supporter and she has sent these 2 beautiful tops as well as 15 lovely QAYG blocks.

 Kathleen Appleton from Vic has made a very generous financial donation and has also dropped off a large bag stuffed with these large amounts of fabric which will be great for backings.
    Thank you all so much for your very generous support.  I hope you are all taking care of yourselves and staying well. Things will improve and we will be able to distribute your beautiful quilts to the bushfire affected areas and after all the troubling times we're currently experiencing everywhere,  they will bring comfort to lots of people.
  Hugs, Jan Mac

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Beyond Meander Quilting.

 Today's  online quilt show comes to you from Sharon Siacci of Beyond Meander Quilting (Vic). Sharon has very kindly quilted 15 tops for Oz Comfort Quilts bushfire quilt appeal which has been very generous of her. Many of these beautiful tops were donated by Sharon's quilting friends in New Zealand and Sharon provided the backings and quilting.  I have finished the binding on all of them now so I  can share all of these fabulous quilts.  The first stunning quilt top was made by Sally Munro (NZ) .
 Tricia DuBern (NZ) made the quilt shown above as well as the 2 following and she also donated a large piece of blue backing.

 Lynnda Bauzaid (NZ) donated this beautiful quilt with lemon coloured borders.

Sharon Siacci of Beyond Meander Quilting made this beautiful masculine quilt and the fabric is beautiful.
Diane Muir (Tas) donated this beautiful flannel quilt with green and purple stars and it will keep someone toasty warm.
Anna Kok from Western Australia donated this beautiful jelly roll quilt which Sharon enhanced with her quilting.
     I'm very happy and grateful that our precious family were able to fly home yesterday and, after a very long day of travel, they are very happy to be home. I'm also grateful that my passion for making quilts for others is a wonderful way to stsy positive and productive while we are experiencing such troubling times.
 Stay safe and stay at home everyone. We will get through this and I pray that this finishes soon so we can cuddle our precioys grandsons soon.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Lots More Generous Donations.

 More wonderful donations arrived last week while we were away and they will bring lots of smiles when we can deliver them. Maria Wilson (WA) donated the first two lovely quilts for boys.
 Patricia Findlay (Qld) made this lovely unicorn quilt from a cot panel and added blocks and borders to make it appropriate for an older girl.
 Dianne Muir (Tas) made the next 2 fabulous quilts  and she has been a very generous supporter of our bushfire quilt drive.

 On our way home through Gippsland we last week, we called into Moe to see Petra McLennan and some of the "Quilters off the Green". They are a fairly small group who donated 10 fabulous quilts as well as some tops, backing etc.

There is such a variety of sizes, styles and colours for these quilts and they will be so treasured when we can start distribution again.  In the meantime, I am looking forward to our DD, her DH and our precious grandsons arriving back home tomorrow night,  even though they have to self isolate for 14 days. It will be hard not being able to give them kisses and cuddles but it will be a relief when they are safely home. We won't be baby sitting for some time now so I plan on quilting as many of the donated tops as possible. It will be good to focus on the positivity of making donation quilts and take a temporary mental break from the troubling times we're currently experiencing everywhere.
   Stay safe and take care.
Hugs, Jan Mac