Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Lost Momentum.

 It's been a struggle to get my quilting momentum back after we were all so sick. I did finish quilting these 2 tops for my quilting group's Gift Quilt program but haven't gotten back into my previous speedy production. The first quilt was a jelly roll quilt top which was quite plain so I hand appliqued 3 orphan hexagon blocks to make it more modern.
 I'm also getting swamped with scraps of batting and fabric strips after so many quilt finishes so I think I need to make some QAYG blocks and get my sewing room tidied up and hopefully I will regain my momentum for more quilt finishes.
 Little Jake loves one of his birthday gifts of a retro rocker in the shape of a swan. He also spends lots of time pushing his toy train around and he can almost walk on his own.
We're off to Fraser Island for 2 weeks, at the end of the week,  and Jake and his parents are coming with us.  It will be lovely to enjoy some relaxing time in the sun and I plan on taking a break from quilting and come back refreshed. I always take my yarn and crochet blanket squares while we are away so I should be able to get another blanket finished to donate. The second shipment of beanies and blankets are on their way to New Guinea too and that was only possible thanks to the generous support of my blog readers.
  Jake is taking up more of my time now so there is less time and energy for quilting but he is such a delight that we are living being his grandparents.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Monday, September 3, 2018

6th UFO Finish for 2018.

 After such a productive 2 weeks of quilting there was a real slump as time was limited and we were all sick with the Rotavirus, AKA the stomach flu. I did manage to finally finish my 6th UFO for the year.
  This quilt was completely hand stitched and started as a way to use some of the many 2.5 inch squares I swapped with international quilters as a Millennium swap.  So as you can see this UFO was started in 2000 so it's great to have it finally finished, although it was a very handy project when I wanted some hand sewing. I hand appliqued the stars to the borders but I did machine quilt it. I actually finished it a couple of weeks ago but the binding waited for a bit as other quilting had priority. 
   This quilt will also be donated to Peter Mac and will hopefully be loved. More to come as I get back into the swing of my routines after illness.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

That Was The Week.

 Last week was also productive with all of these tops being quilted.  They have all been made by members of the Australian Quilters Association, to be donated to various community groups we support.
 This postage stamp top was too big so I reduced the size and have enough left over to make a smaller quilt by adding borders.

 I also added borders to the Basket quilt to make it a more suitable size for an adult.

Most of my days are spent with this little man so I rely on every 10 minutes I can spare. I have a good set up on the back deck which makes it easier to pin baste tops and prepare them for quilting. Having tops already pinned means that I make time to quilt when Jake takes his nap.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Many Thanks Margo and Sue.

 Margo B. from Tasmania sent these 24 lovely crocheted squares for a blanket for New Guinea and it was very easy to finish them off as a blanket to donate. It will keep someone warm in the cooler highland area and be very welcome.
 The organization who are distributing the warm items in the New Guinea highlands were also asking for more beanies as they are easy to deliver to them and loved by the locals.  I have almost finished one, being busy with other things, so I was thrilled to hear  from Sue V. of Victoria,  asking if she could donate 30. What a blessing it is to have blog readers who support these projects and I am thrilled to know that, thanks to Sue, there will be a good number of beanies to send in September/October.

My grateful thanks to Margo and Sue for makjng and donating so many lovely items to keep others warm.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

A Busy Week.

 August is a very busy month for the family with 2 birthdays and a wedding anniversary to celebrate as well as battling winter colds. However, I had a very productive week with all of these quilt tops finished for AQA. I try to quilt 8 a month for them as well as my Oz Comfort Quilts but by just doing AQA tops I finished 7 in a week as well as one of mine.

 I also delivered another 20 of Oz Comfort Quilts to Peter Mac so it's been very busy but also very productive.  Finally a rare photo of a sleeping grandson. He is almost one and is an absolute delight with lots of Nan Nan and Pa Pa said all day. Unfortunately he has a cold and sore throat but continues to be is almost usual happy self.
I have also reinvigorated my love of dressmaking and I am having fun making more garments to wear. We are off to Queensland for 2 weeks in September, with our little grandson and his parents, so some new clothes will be fun to wear in the sun.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Monday, August 6, 2018

Thank you Margo and Sue.

 I received a lovely parcel of 24 crocheted squares made by Margo B. from Tasmania and they came at the right time as I am trying to get more quilts, beanies and blankets finished for New Guinea.  Thanks to Margo's donation, I will gave at least one blanket to send. Time is short to get more finished as the next shipment is in about 4 weeks time. I won't stress over it though as we are already busy with our other quilt projects.
   This lovely Cat quilt was one of the tops donated by Sue McP and will be a lovely quilt for a child in foster care.  Sue sent many blocks as well so I need to get busy and put them together into more quilts.
 The last photo shows my progress on my 18year old UFO. I have appliqued the star top to its borders and have now pin basted it. Hopefully I will get some time to quilt it this week and get another UFO off my list.
Many thanks for all of your help dear friends.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Four More.

 I quilted these 4 tops for my quilting group's Gift Quilt program and I gave a pretty good set up here now so I  can pin baste them ready for quilting.  I try to use even 15 to 20 minutes of spare time, usually while Jake is asleep, and I seem to get more quilts finished if I have them pinned and ready to quilt. Even 10 minutes will be enough time to get some more machine quilting done.
      I'm also trying to finish off more of the group's older tops so we can create more cupboard space and bring some comfort to those needing a warm hug.

I'm also trying to finish off my 6th UFO for the year and almost have the top ready for quilting. I  have appliqued the borders to the star top and now I am hand stitching mitred corners for the borders. Hopefully I can make good progress this weekend.
 I hope you're all enjoying some time to create.
Hugs, Jan Mac