Sunday, March 3, 2024

Beautiful Donations From Beyond Meander Quilting and Friends.

Sharon Siacci from Beyond Meander Quilting has very generously professionally quilted 6 very large donated tops and her beautiful quilting really enhances these fabulous quilts. I will share complete photos of the quilts when I  finish the bindings.
Sharon also delivered a lovely quilt top made by Fiona Lazenby,
as well as 2 lovely quilt tops donated by Di Kenny.
Sharon also generously donated lots of prepared bindings and some lovely fabric.
Many thanks for your donations. 
Hugs, Jan Mac xx


Saturday, March 2, 2024

Lots Of Arrivals.

Cathy Bruton and the Inverloch Chatty Crafters donated a large number of donations including  2 lovely quilts,  1 crocheted blanket,  211 soap pouches, 3 library bags, 21 tote bags, 68 drawstring bags,  and 1 top. Many thanks to Pam Neenan for couriering the donations from Inverloch. 

Pam Knight also delivered a large number of donations from her group of friends from the Goulburn Valley region including  1 beautiful quikt of her own, 16 QAYG blocks,  6 quilt tops  and a large bag of beautifully knitted socks and beanies. 

Rhonda White donated 4 beautifully quilted large quilts. 

Fay Reid donated 4 lovely quilts and 7 beautifully knitted jumpers/cardigans. 

Sue Vranzizan donated 9 beautiful quilts as well as 6 lovely tops and some orphan blocks. 

Mary Anne Rooney sent 2 large bags of donations including 3 lovely quilts,  2 large quilt tops with backing, wadding and binding,  a large number of QAYG blocks,  and 12 tote bags. Many thanks to Susan Iacuone and her DD for helping to deliver the donations. 

June Rodda donated 5 very cute skirts for girls via Pam Knight

Maureen donated 2 beautiful knitted blankets via Pam.

Kaye Dwyer donated some lovely UFOs. 

 Maria Wilson from WA very generously donated  $100 toward costs of batting.

Many thanks everyone for your generous support and donations. 

Hugs, Jan Mac xx

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Many Thanks Murray Mallee Quilters and Other Generous Donors.

More wonderful donations have arrived from very generous donors. Faye Hender and the Murray Mallee Quilters have sent a large bag of fabric as well as 8 beautiful quilts and 6 tote bags. Wendy Yates has sent 12 very cute cloth dolls and 6 crocheted baby jackets. Annette Brown has sent 3 lovely baby jackets and Sue's mum has sent 11 cloth teddy bears. All of these lovely donations were couriered by Annette Pearce and Wendy Fry.
Lyz Kershaw has donated another 3 beautiful quilts as well as a large number of QAYG blocks, 7 pencil cases, and drawstring bags.
Annette Pearce has donated 2 lovely quilt tops, 3 drawstring bags, 4 tote bags and a large amount of school supplies.

The first 3 quilts were made by Lyz Kershaw.

Pencil cases, QAYG blocks and bags below by Lyz.

Kaye Hardman and Wendy Fry donated a large amount of school supplies as well as some magnified reading glasses for Sri Lanka.
Annette Pearce donated the school supplies, tote bags, drawstring bags and 2 tops shown below.

Many thanks everyone for your generous and ongoing support.

Hugs, Jan Mac xx