Tuesday, March 27, 2018

More Finishes To Share.

 These tops were all made by members of my quilting group and I quilted them for our Gift Quilt Program. The first 2 were originally one large quilt which I divided into 2 as it was too large for our purpose.  Luckily I had enough navy paisley fabric to make new borders for the second top.

 We had stockpiled about 120 tops as well as making new ones so I, along with other members, have been focusing on quilting tops, especially those which have been sitting in the cupboard for a few years. Lol. It's surprising how much better the older tops look when they are quilted.
I have more tops pinned for quilting so I should have more to share soon.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Sunday, March 25, 2018

More Support From WA.

 Huge thanks again to my wonderful blogging friends in Western Australia. Delys R. has been very busy again and sent this beautiful top with backing, binding and also more border fabric so I can divide the top into two smaller tops. It is a very large top and I will divide it to make two beautiful quilts for patients receiving treatment at the Peter Mac Cancer Centre.
 Delys also made another 8 QAYG blocks to match the other 24 she sent recently. Delys has been careful to make these blocks for males, so she has made sure to make them without pinks or floral fabrics. These blocks will also be used to makemors quilts for Peter Mac.

Delys also has sent 5 knitted beanies and another ball of yarn to make crocheted squares or beanies for New Guinea. Many thanks for your ongoing support Delys and my other blog readers. We are helping those in need by sharing our quilting, knitting and crochet skills and I am very grateful for your help with these quilt projects.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Friday, March 23, 2018

Incredibly Generous Support.

 The postman delivered another surprise parcel of these beautiful quilts made by Maria W. from WA. Maria is a prolific quilter and very generous supporter of my quilt projects. I love the simplicity of the design of the first quilt. Do you have the name of the pattern, Maria? It looks stunning and will bring comfort to a patient at Peter Mac Cancer Centre.
 Maria also made another Superhero quilt for kids at Peter Mac Cancer Centre  and it is lovely and cuddly.
 This lovely little quilt will bring warmth to a baby in New Guinea and the stitcheries are just lovely.
 This lovely cot quilt was made by Maria's daughter, Sandra, and will be much appreciated by Anglicare.
Maria also included a set of blocks to be made into a quilt so I plan to make a couple more to match them and another quilt will be born. Lol
Thank you so much Maria and Sandra for your generous and ongoing support.
More to share soon.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

So Far.

 In between finishing quilts I'm also crocheting squares and knitting beanies for Medivac in New Guinea. Luckily I gave some wonderful supporters who are also quilting,  crocheting and knitting which means the pile of items is growing much more quickly than with just the items I am making.
  This first blanket was made using crocheted squares made by Linda A. from UK/NZ.
 The second blanket was made from squares I crochet while traveling or watching the TV.
I've also been knitting beanies and so far have made 8 for babies. For those who are knitting, any size is very welcome and I don't have a pick up date yet so I will keep knitting and stitching until I hear from them.
  Many thanks for all of your support.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Baby Quilts Again.

 The babies have arrived so I have machine appliqued the baby's names and quilted the tops. I still have one last baby quilt to make, one more to name and quilt,  and another appliqued one for Jake. I'd better get busy with them and hope that no more babies arrive in the family for a little while. Lol
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Quilts For New Guinea.

 I've made a start on making quilts for New Guinea, using up some of the QAYG blocks I had on hand. These will be used for Medivac flight patients and I will be making them in varying sizes.

I'm still knitting beanies and crocheting Granny squares for blankets too and should have some of those to show soon. I'm trying to get as much done as possible before we start looking after Jake in April as my quilting time is going to be limited then but there will be the benefits of seeing our happy grandson every day.
More to share soon.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Very Blessed Again.

 What a week it has been for wonderful donations for my Quilt Projects. These 2 fabulous quilts were made and donated by Ann G. from NSW,  and they will be going to the Peter Mac Cancer Centre for some of their patients. Ann makes beautiful quilts and I feel very blessed that she honours me with her support.
   These quilts do make a real difference in bringing comfort to those in need and it warms my heart to be able to gift these quilts. Thank you so much Ann, and my other quilting friends, for sharing their talents.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Blown Away.

 I'm just blown away by the generosity of my blog readers and their support of my Quilt Projects. Firstly Sue V. and Linda A. Sent such lovely parcels of goodies and today I received another very generous donation from Delys R. of Victoria.
   Delys sent 15 lovely knitted beanies for New Guinea and, thanks to your generous help,  the box of beanies is getting much fuller. She also sent 24 fabulous QAYG blocks to be made into a quilt for Peter Mac Cancer Centre. Such generous gifts and support from you has really touched my heart and I very sincerely thank you.
     I am working as hard as I can to get more beanies knitted and quilts made for New Guinea, as well as finishing off more for Peter Mac and kids in foster care. We're also busy unpacking boxes and trying to get the house more organized before Jake is with us every day. We really miss him but it's lovely that his other grandparents are having such fun with him.

I tried to add the video at the end of this post but couldn't work it out so I  hope you enjoy seeing Jake's excitement with his new quilt.  He's always such a happy boy.
   Thank you so much for your ongoing support, friends. It means more than you could know.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Very Generous Donations.

 The postman has brought some fabulous donations for the New Guinea project and I am blown away by your generosity.
Linda A. from the UK, has made 6 QAYG blocks and 20 fabulous crocheted granny squares (Sorry one missed out on being in the photo). They look beautiful and will maje some lovely quilts and crocheted blankets for Medivac flight patients in New Guinea. Patients usually are flown out of the remote mountainous areas and the quilts and blankets will help them to maintain their body temperature during the flight. In some cases they could very well be life saving so your contributions will make a big difference.
 I also received a large parcel of 29 (yes, 29) knitted beanies from Sue V. in Shepparton, Vic. Sue must have turned to knitting fulltime and I know they will be very welcome to their recipients. My niece and her husband (he flies the Medivac and transport planes) live in the Highlands of New Guinea and they tell me it gets quite cold, especially overnight, and locals have limited access to warm garments and quilts.

I'm still waiting to hear how we can get these wonderful donations to New Guinea so I am still making them and getting boxes ready to send. This will most likely be an ongoing project so I will keep making and accepting donations and transport them when possible.
   Linda asked if I kept a total of my quilt output, and I used to but then lapsed in counting them. I must add up how many QAYG quilts I have completed over the years too. Of course the large numbers of quilts we have donated,  and the large numbers of people we have been able to bring comfort and warmth to,  is only possible because of all of your support with these Gift Quilt Projects.
Many thanks to all of you.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Sunday, March 4, 2018

A Week of Changes.

 This past week seems to be much shorter than others, or else I'm just slowing down. I did get 2 quilt tops quilted and bound so that was better than nothing. The tops were made by members of my Melbourne quilting group and will be donated to either Peter Mac or Anglicare.
 I also finished off a crocheted blanket and knitted beanies for New Guinea and will share those photos soon. I'm sorting through knitting UFOs to see what I xan repurpose or finish,  as well as finishing off a special cross stitch piece.
Jake and his parents are visiting his other grandparents in the US and we are cat sitting for  them. I have to keep the 2 cats out of my sewing area and I have found it harder to spend time in there getting more sewing done. It was also a busy week with paid work and making flatpack cupboards and bookcases to give us more storage options.
   I guess we got quite a lot done and emptied lots more boxes too so I should be happy with our progress. While the family are away,  we are trying to get more things unpacked, sorted and/ or donated. I have heard of a group which will take donations of beds etc so I will contact them to see if they want our extra beds and washing machine. I'd rather donate them than try to sell them and families needing emergency accomodation is a worthy cause. I've also been giving retirement some serious thought as my time will be very limited once we start looking after Jake full time during the week. I wasn't  ready to retire before but I think it might be the right time now. My main focus will be on family but I still want to make and donate as many quilts as possible,  and fitting in paid work won't give me much spare time. I also want to finish off more UFOs this year and empty some of my fabric bins,  so it's probably time for a change  and spend more time at home.
  Hugs, Jan Mac