Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sorting Scraps in the Heatwave

We've had temperatures of 43-45 deg C all week (112-113 deg F) and we're all a bit over it now. I've used the time to finish the string quilt I showed in my last post about QAYG blocks and it really looks different with the navy sashing joining the blocks together. It really makes the colours of the strings "pop". The other quilt is one which was donated and I just had to finish the quilting and the binding.
I've spent the rest of the time sorting through scraps and I need to catch up with my Friday Block Party. I've been trying to work in front of the AC and my sewing room is too hot for most of the day. Hopefully it will be better next week.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Heat Wave

We had a lovely weekend camping on our Australia Day holiday. It was cooler in the mountains too which was a relief.
Now we're back home at it's going to be at least 40 degrees (approx 104degrees F) all week so there's not much incentive to do any outside jobs.
Also not a lot of fun quilting either so I'm doing it in small doses and watching the Australian Open tennis on TV as well.
I'm almost finished another QAYG string quilt and enough blocks for another one so I'll get that put together earlier in the day before it gets too warm.
The air conditioning doesn't work as well in my sewing room so I have a fan on as well. I can't complain as at least I have a roof over my head and food on the table so life is good.

Friday, January 23, 2009

More String Blocks

I love making these QAYG string blocks. In fact if I could choose only one type of patchwork, I'd choose these as they allow me to make pretty quilts from scraps that most people would throw away. The combination of different colours always looks good and I also use up odd scraps of batting that aren't normally used.
I use any strips that are wider than 3/4" and don't use any that are wider than 3". I still have to add the strips to join them all together and then I'll post another photo.
In the meantime we're off camping with friends for a few days.

Monday, January 19, 2009

More Eye Candy

No there's no eye candy from me but her's a few of the spectacular quilts from the Vic Quilters Showcase in 2008. The bag of scraps is my project for the week as I'm still making string and crumb blocks and using up donated bits and pieces.
I hope to have more to show for my efforts soon.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Try Again

I'm not sure what happened with blogger on my last post but it locked up so I couldn't type. I meant to say that I've been busy working extra shifts at my day job and the money will be very handy to pay for my next trips to East Timor.
In the meantime I've managed to finish another QAYG string quilt and a lovely quilter has just donated 7 quilt tops which I hope to get quilted soon. I also received some rice bags for Hiam Health and they will all be much appreciated by the Timorese.
The quilts in the previous post were shown at the Vic Quilters Showcase in 2008. The string quilt with yellow was the QAYG quilt I've just finished and the other top is one donated for me to quilt.
Our DD is improving and I hope to get more time to sew soon, although I always wish I had more time for quilting.

Busy, Busy

Not a lot of quilting done over the past few days but I have been busy working extra shifts a day job.

Friday, January 9, 2009

That Should Be Quilt Pixie

The Friday Block Party is organized by Quilt Pixie and already quite a few have joined up. I saw it on Carol E's blog, Giraffe Dreams.
Now that block is done I'll be back to piecing string blocks.

Here's a bit more eye candy from a recent Quilt Show I attended.
I want to be these quilters when I grow up.

Friday Block Party

I see that Quiltpixie is having a block party every Friday as a challenge to try new blocks to piece. I decided to join and have made the first block today just in time to make the second one tomorrow.
The photo isn't great but I'm happy with the block. It turned out the right size and I'm using all scraps for these blocks.
They will all be used in a scrap quilt or three to donate. I used some pre-cut squares I had so it went together quickly.
I like the look of this block and I'm ready for Block 2 now!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Looking Up

Well things are looking up here with our DD improving and hopefully will be back to normal soon.
I've been busy making heart string blocks and more crumb blocks, using up scraps and have enough to make a couple of more quilts.
It's my lovely Mum's birthday today on the 7th, and she passed away two years ago on the 11th of January so she's been in my thoughts more than usual. I've been chuckling as she used to ask why I bothered working with scraps of fabric when there is so much lovely fabric to use. I know she's right but I also love working with scraps that would normally be thrown out.
I'm also sharing a couple of lovely quilts displayed at the Vic Quilters Show in 2008. The tulip quilt could be made with scraps and I think I've seen one before, maybe by Gwen Marsden.
Enjoy while I'm off to my paid job today.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Crumm(b)y Few Days

Well it's been a difficult few days but our DD is back home again from hospital, although still not 100% yet healthwise. I spent most of my days with her at the hospital but I did manage to sew up 3 "crumb" quilts and here's a photo of 2 of them. I managed to clear out most of my crumb blocks so I've started making some more as shown in the shoe box. I also made a few QAYG string blocks and have plenty of strings to make some more.
Hopefully I'll get some of these scraps cleared away into blocks and get more donation quilts finished. I love making these "quilts for nothing" and they will keep some kids warm this winter. I've also spent my days knitting beanies and booties and have quite a pile of them now.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Behind Already

I can't believe that the New year has started and I'm already behind with my blogging. I guess that's because I've been busy with my paid job as well as having a DD in hospital and making quilt tops. I've made two tops from crumb blocks and have a third one almost finished. I must take some photos to show my progress but until then here's some quilts from the last shipment to East Timor. One was a part finished top that I completed and the other was odd blocks which had been put together from blocks which had already been quilted. I put them together from QAYG string blocks and a child will love it's warmth.
I must get off the computer and back to work with the crumb blocks. I was asked to work an extra shift yesterday so that will go towards my next trip to Timor.
More later.