Sunday, March 31, 2024

Happy Easter.

We've had some lovely weather for Easter and also celebrated our youngest DD's 40th birthday with a visit to an Easter Fair which was a lovely experience with the grandchildren. 
I've also had a couple of very productive days of quilting and finished 7 donated quilt tops. They were a joy to quilt as they are all so different with a huge variety of fabrics. 

 I hope you're also enjoying a peaceful Easter break with lovely weather.

I still have a few more to bind and some more tops ready to baste for quilting so I am hoping to get some more finishes to share very soon.

Hugs, Jan Mac xx 

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Playing Catch Up.

Many thanks for your understanding with holding off sending donations while I caught up. I have made some progress and made 4 large crocheted blankets by joining sets of 4 cot sized blankets and these will be going to Big Group Hug.
I also joined squares donated by Lynne Gusiack for another blanket. I'm still sorting through donations and hope to have more tops quilted soon.

Hugs, Jan Mac xx 

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Donations Arrive Again.

After taking a couple of weeks break it's good to welcome the arrival of donations again. Stephanie Morrison from NSW donated the fabulous large hexagon quilt top.
Marg Spencer dropped off a large number of donations collected from her friends including 65 knitted squares for blankets from Lyn Hogg as well as 7 beautiful quilt tops. 
Mary Breen donated 4 beautiful quilts as well as a lovely quilt top.

Sue Page donated the lovely batik quilt top and binding.
Sheryl Joyce donated  10 fabulous quilt tops with bindings.

Marg Spencer also donated 5 lovely quilts, an incredible  114 QAYG blocks  and 20 fabulous quilt tops as well as a crocheted blanket. 

Wendy Reilly donated 5 lovely quilt tops as well as a large number of sets of blocks and UFOs.

Many thanks for your generous donations everyone. 

Hugs, Jan Mac xx 


Tuesday, March 26, 2024

We Loved Exploring Egypt.

I got behind with blogging as we didn't have internet while we took a 3 day cruise on the Nile but we did have a great trip and even went through a lock on the Nile River. We also visited the Aswan Dam and Abu Simbel.

Luxor and the Valley of the Kings were fascinating and the Nile is the life-blood of the area. Seeing how they are using the Nile to irrigate and grow agricultural crops was also really interesting. 

We're home again and are very grateful that we were able to visit so many historical sites with an Egyptologist to explain the different historical eras. So much to remember!!

Hugs, Jan Mac xx


Thursday, March 14, 2024

Lots To See.

We've had a wonderful trip and on our second day in Cairo we visited the Citadel and the old city of Cairo where we saw a church, mosque and synagogue. 

If you look closely you should be able to see 2 of the pyramids of Giza in the distance. 

We visited the Egyptian museum and saw lots of interesting artefacts. 

We took a boat cruise to the Temple of Philae.

A very long drive to Abu Simbel was worth it for the interesting monuments. 

We're having lots of early starts and busy days but seeing as much as possible. 

Hugs, Jan Mac xx