Wednesday, March 30, 2022

New Arrivals.

Maia and Maret Butler from NSW donated 13 beautifully knitted jackets/ jumpers, 2 dresses for babies and a set of leggings to match a jumper. 

Anne Sushames donated 20 quilts last week and I missed sharing these 2. Kerin Galbally had made 2 of the tops and they were all beautifully quilted by Anne.
Norma Aitken beautifully knitted these 3 premmie jackets.
Ann Bacon donated this lovely quilt top and Norma quilted it so I only have to bind it now.
Ann also donated enough blocks for several tops and Norma pieced 3 of them.

Ann also donated some ribbon, hexagons and large pieces of dabric for backings. 
Bernice Park from Tasmania donated these 2 beautiful cot blankets. 
She also donated 3 beautifully crocheted baby blankets, 2 with matching teddy bears, and also a beanie and 4 more knitted soft toys.
Thank you so much for your generous donations and support.  There will be lots of children feeling warm this winter thanks to your hard work.

Hugs, Jan Mac  

Monday, March 28, 2022

This Week's Finishes.

Marg Coulthard knitted extra teddy's jumpers and they were ideal for teddies that I had on hand. I also bound some donated fleece so they can be donated to organisations needing blankets for children. 

This week's quilt finishes are 2 beautiful red, black and white quilt tops from Eileen Nash. 

Ann Lynch donated the next lovely top for a young child.

This lovely top didn't have a name attached so please let me know if you recognise it so I can add your name to the label. 


Sunday, March 27, 2022

Many Thanks Anne Sushames.

Anne Sushames of Anshabelle Quilting very generously donated 18 fabulous quilts.  Her use of scraps and colour produces spectacular quilts and her professional Quilting enhances these beautiful quilts. 

These will be donated to Peter Mac Cancer Centre or flood victims in NSW, and will be treasured by their recipients. 

Many thanks for your generous support,  Anne.

Hugs, Jan Mac  

Friday, March 25, 2022

Lots of Arrivals.

It's been another busy week with lots of lovely donations arriving.  Valda Martin (Vic) donated 6 beautiful quilts for children.

Pat Gray (ACT) donated 3 lovely quilt tops with backing and bindings.

Barb Wendt (Vic) donated a beautiful quilt as well as quilting fabric.
Lyn Betts donated 63 beautifully knitted beanies and 10 beautiful quilt tops with backings and bindings,  as well as a large piece of backing fabric. 

Pam Neenan donated 2 large bags of teddy bears and soft toys and 2 large bags of new books for children. 
Dymphne Anderson,  Lex Collins and Tracey Leonard,  donated a large amount of fabric, sewing notions, zippers, knitted beanies and a crocheted blanket. 

Judy Potter donated beautifully made dressing gowns, pyjamas  and dresses for children.
Thanks everyone for your generous support.  I also received an anonymous donation of 17 fabulous quilts and 6 quilt tops by someone who is downsizing and didn't wish to share her photos. 

I have received lots of UFOs and non-quilting fabric recently so have asked for donations to be quilts,  tops, blocks or quilting fabric, Santa Sacks,  soap pouches, drawstring bags,  handknits for babies and children  and teddy bears,  until I can catch up as I am running out of storage space,  as are lots of other organizations.  The after effects of Covid has impacted on their volunteers and they are slow to accept donations at the moment until they catch up. Please don't donate household linen or clothes for adults as they are unable to accept them and I am unable to store them. Many thanks for your understanding. 

Hugs, Jan Mac