Monday, October 31, 2022

Ten Finishes This Week.

This pretty blue and yellow top was donated and is a very pretty quilt to donate. 
Diane Cutting from ACT donated many lovely quilt tops and this jungle themed top was one of her's.
Trish Copeland from NSW donated the next 2 lovely quilt tops with backings.
The QAYG quilt was made from blocks donated by Marie Lee and the Victorian Quilter's Association. 
Lyn Betts from Victoria donated the next 3 beautiful quilt tops with backing and bindings. 

Beverley Brooks donated the lovely Santa panel and stitched cute little red buttons on as decoration.  I finished it as a wall hanging and will donate it to the Peter Mac auxiliary shop to raise funds for patient services. 
The last lovely stitchery was a UFO donated by Vikki Hope (dec) and it's now been finished as a wall hanging and will be donated to Peter Mac auxiliary shop as well.
Many thanks everyone for your support. 
Hugs, Jan Mac 


Sunday, October 30, 2022

Lots of Quilts.

More wonderful donations have arrived with this beautiful quilt top,  batting and backing from Jo-anne Starr (Vic) and it will be fantastic when finished.
Marita from Patchworkers and Quilters Guild of Victoria dropped off 27 lovely quilts in a variety of sizes, colours and themes, which will bring comfort to many people in need of a warm hug. 

Marita's lovely mother also donated 3 beautifully knitted blankets. 
Many thanks everyone. 

Hugs, Jan Mac 


Saturday, October 29, 2022

The Prolific Monday Quilters

Barbara Black and her lovely group,  the Monday Quilters,  have brought you today's quilt show.  They are a small group of 4 and they are very prolific Quilters who have donated 33 beautiful quilts this time. The quilts are beautifully made and all vary in colour and theme but they will all bring warm hugs to people in need.

Many thanks for your generous donations and support ladies. 

Hugs, Jan Mac