Thursday, May 28, 2020

UFO Finishes 6, 7 and 8.

 While looking for backing fabric I came across this first long time UFO. It was donated and I hadn't finished it as it's a table runner and quilts were needed. Instead of relegating it to the storage tub again I decided to finish it as a table runner and donate it to the Peter Mac auxiliary shop to raise funds for patient services. It didn't take long to find backing, then quilt and bind it. I have decided that I need to start making some Christmas items for them to sell much earlier this year so I don't run out of time.
 As a change from quilting tops I thought I would go through some of the UFOs I have received from Peter Mac and make more items fof them to sell. This table runner was made from 2 different abandoned projects and the Cobblestone blocks were fairly uninspiring so I  combined them with the hexagons from another donated UFO. All of the fabric was donated to Peter Mac and now it's a finished item, it will return to them for sale. I'm only counting it as one UFO instead of 2 as I still have a few blocks and hexagons to use. Lots of the donated UFOs are blocks in small amounts and, rather than turning everything into quilts which requires me making a lot more blocks, I'm making bags, table runners etc.
 I also found this UFO while tidying up and finished it too. I had started to sew a trim of "bear" theme fabric one Aidan's cot sheets and still had 2 to complete. At least this one is finished but I still have to find another one I'd started.
 They're only fairly quick finishes but it's good to have them done and a break from quilting.  We're full time caring for our grandsons again and enjoying seeing them grow and learn. Aidan has just started walking and talking and he's 1 on Sunday.
Jake seems to be getting much taller and his language skills are very good. I asked him to tell me a story and he said " Once upon a time, in a land far away,  there was a king and he's not happy". Not sure where that came from. He can spell his name and he's very happy that the parks have opened and he's able to use the swings and slides again.
   Not as much time for quilting now the boys are here again but there is always the weekend and nights for that,  and we love being part of their lives.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

A Special Quilt Donation.

 This time of isolation seems to have given lots of us the opportunity to sort through UFOs and forgotten projects and thankfully some quilters have donated some of their UFOs to our bushfire quilt drive. Jo-anne Starr from Vic has decided to donate a fabulous reproduction quilt, Maltaville. The pattern is by Margaret Mew from Quilt Station and the original quilt in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC, was made in 1847. Margaret drafted a pattern based on the original quilt and it measures approximately 88 inches square. There are 60 hand appliqued blocks measuring 11 inches as well as a large centre block. Jo-anne has completed 29 of the smaller blocks as well as the centre block, but she decided not to complete it and donate it instead.

Instead of an 8 x 8 setting, I've decided to make it 6 x 6 with the centre block and it will be a very special quilt to gift to  someone in need. Jo-anne's blocks are beautifully made and I hope mine can do them justice.
I only need to make 3 more blocks and I will have enough to finish the quilt. This is the first one I have made and the other 2 are both prepared and ready for stitching so they should be finished soon. I'm really enjoying taking some time for hand applique again and it's a lovely change from sitting at the sewing machine, but I only hand stitch at night. If I have time during the day then I keep busy quilting tops, binding quilts etc and the pile of quilts continues to grow.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

More Generous Donors.

 I feel so blessed to have such wonderful supporters, many who have donated more than once. Illene Tiziani (Vic) has donated 3 more beautiful quilts to bring comfort to people affected by the bushfires.

 Annette Pascoe  (Vic) donated  2 beautiful quilts as well as 11 QAYG blocks and 4 sets of binding.

 An anonymous donor from ACT donated 3 beautiful large tops, a large piece of wide backing fabric and a very generous monetary donation.
 Bernice Park from Tasmania has sent another large parcel containing 44 QAYG blocks and binding.
 Joanna Calder from Vic sent 36 large QAYG blocks and 3 orphan blocks.
 Josephine Menzies (Vic) donated 4 sets of binding  which I have already used for one of the donated quilts I'm finishing.
All of these wonderful donations means that we will have many fabulous donation quilts to comfort those affected by the bushfires and I am very grateful for your support.
Hugs, Jan Mac. 

Sunday, May 24, 2020

This Week's Finishes.

 These two fabulous hexagon quilt tops were donated by the Casey U3A Quilters and beautifully quilted by Sharon Siacci of Beyond Meander Quilting (Vic).
 Sharon has very generously donated her quilting expertise and time to quilt some of the larger donated tops.
 The "sheep" quilt top is another cute kid's quilt top made by Marg Coulthard from Vic and it's such a bright and fun quilt.
 This lovely quilt top was made by Sarah Williams from NSW and it's a great use of charm squares.
 I also finished the 7th hand appliqued block for my Di Ford Hall's Lyre design based on an antique top in her collection. Now I only have 2 Lyre blocks to stitch and then swags on the borders.
Another hand appliqued block for Di Ford Hall's Poppy quilt which makes 6 finished of 16. I'm loving some slow stitching as it gives my body a break from wrestling tops through the sewing machine and it's nice to work on some different projects too.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Thursday, May 21, 2020

The Generous Donations Continue.

 Robin Walker and the Fishbowler Sewists from Launceston Tasmania have sent another 3 large parcels containing 7 more quilts, a bed runner and a large amount of fabric for backings. Robin and her group have been incredibly generous with the number of quilts they have made and donated and for our bushfire quilt drive and their quilts will be very much appreciated,  especially as it's getting much colder at night now.

 Jill Miglietti (Vic) dropped off 2 boxes of beautiful fabric and I have already used 2 pieces for binding 2 quilts I was finishing off today. Jill included a real variety of fabric colours and designs and they will be great for adding borders, bindings and backings.
    I've also been talking to people working for the bushfire recovery group and we're continuing to discuss which areas will soon be ready to receive quilts and it's apparent that quite a few are still not ready, which gives us more time to finish off more quilts.
Thanks everyone for your donations and support.
Hugs, Jan Mac xx

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Very Busy Donors.

 All of these fabulous donations arrived on Friday and over the weekend and it's wonderful to have so many quilters supporting our bushfire quilt drive. Patty McNamara has been one of my busy sewing angels finishing off quilter's projects,  adding borders etc. Fiona Lazenby has been working with Patty and providing lots of her fabric to make tops and add borders.
 Patty, Fiona and I all met at a Scquilters retreat in Bendigo in 2007 and we found we all had lots of oriental themed squares leftover from the retreat, so Patty made all if these tops and they will be fabulous quilts to bring comfort.

 This lovely embroidered top in red was donated by Heather Mahncke from Vic and Patty finished it by adding the borders. I plan to quilt it very soon.
 Friends, Sandra Orszaczky and Diane Cutting from ACT sent 3 large parcels between them and they have been incredibly generous with their time and fabrics.  Sandra donated 6 tops, 15 sets of binding, 12 QAYG blocks with batting and 16 without.
 Diane made an incredible 14 quilt tops, as well as 6 Star blocks and extra black and bright blocks to add to the lovely black and bright top.

 I'm going to be very busy quilting all of these donations and I am incredibly grateful that you are all staying busy in isolation and blessing others by supporting our bushfire quilt drive.

 Sandea and Diane also sent lots of lovely fabric and they will be great for blocks and backing. When I have a few moments spare, I join FQs in long strip to add to backing fabric to make it big enough for wider quilts. Having these donations really speeds up the process, as does receiving readymade binding.

 Bernice Park from Tasmania has sent another large parcel containing 58 QAYG blocks as well as 4 sets of binding.

Susan Wild from Qld sent  40 QAYG blocks as well as fabric strips to make more so I see lots of QAYG quilts will be made too.
 We've been baby sitting our precious grandsons 3 days a week for the past few weeks as a 2 year old and baby weren't  conducive to the parents getting much work done at home. Next week, as school is going back,  we will be full time carers again so I will be quilting at night and weekends to get more done in time for delivery.
     Please don't be offended if I add borders or alter the tops to make them larger as the large quilts are always in demand, even for smaller children, so the child doesn't outgrow them quickly.
    Seeing a child, teen or adult wrapped in a quilt and with a grateful smile, makes all our hard work worthwhile. It seems like we have lots of quilts already but once we start distribution again the numbers will soon dwindle so I see this quilt drive lasting at least until the end of the year.
Hugs, Jan Mac xx