Friday, March 26, 2021

On A Break.

 More fabulous donations have arrived from Wendy Fry, Tracey  Leonard,  Mary Anne Rooney,  Wendy Yates and the Trinity Patchworkers.  I've been sick in bed for most of the week so haven't been able to photograph, document and share them.

    I will do so as soon as I recover.

Hugs, Jan Mac 

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Thank You, Maria, Sandra and Glenys

Maria Wilson from WA is a long-term supporter of Oz Comfort Quilts and  she has sent another beautiful I Spy quilt and 4 burp cloths for kids in foster care.
Sandra McLay (Vic) dropped off small top as well as a large bag of batting, many orphan blocks and a large amount of binding she'd prepared.

Glenys Pearson (Vic) donated another 13 lovely crocheted squares to make more lovely blankets. 
I've also been busy networking and I arranged for a school to donate 190 new jackets, and another school to donate 12 boxes of new shorts to Backpacks 4 Vic Kids. I was also contacted by a school uniform shop and arranged for their donation of new but obsolete uniforms to Mums Supporting Families in Need  (MSFIN). The shop donated 350 pair of trousers, 250 shorts as well as sports uniforms and they have another 13 cartons of new shoes and clothing to donate which will also go to MSFIN.
It's been great to be able to network to prevent good items going to landfill as well as helping so many communities in need.
Thank you all so much for your help everyone. 
Hugs, Jan Mac 


Friday, March 19, 2021

Many Thanks Again GV Quilters

Sue Vranzizan and the GV Quilters have been very generously donating quilts for Oz Comfort Quilts to distribute and Sue very kindly met with my sister to hand over these fabulous donations as we were meeting up with my sister at the weekend.
They donated these 20 fabulous quilts in such a variety of styles, sizes and colours and they will be treasured by their recipients. 

Pam Knight knitted 12 pair of toddler's socks as well as 8 beanies, all made in a beautiful 4ply yarn.
There was also a scarf and 8 more beanies.
There were 20 beautiful butterfly blocks to make another lovely quilt. 
A lovely crocheted blanket. 
43 QAYG blocks were also included.
Thank you so much for your generous donations and support GV Quilters as you


Friday, March 12, 2021

Many Thanks Quilters from Tasmania.

Wow, I am just blown away by the continued generosity of our supporters as 4 large boxes arrived from the Platypus Quilters,  and Devon Patchworkers and Quilters,  both groups are based in Tasmania. 

Diane Muir donated the first 5 beautiful quilts as well as 2 tops.

Diane also donated a large amount of towelling fabric as well as a large amount of fleece.
Anne B. donated 4 beautiful quilts and the first one in black and white was so spectacularly quilted in aqua thread so I showed the back as well.

Cat Stone donated a large amount of lovely fabric for backings etc. 
There were also some UFOs and 2 QAYG blocks. 
Lesley L. donated the next 2 beautiful quilts. 

Beryl C. donated the next 2 beautiful quilts. 

Jenny O.  donated the lovely quilt top below as well as $50 to cover costs.
There was also this lovely pastel baby quilt. 
A lovely hexagon quilt was also donated but un-named.
I was also blown away as I had intended asking if anyone had some fleece fabric to donate as I am quilting some smaller kid's tops to donate to Backpacks 4 Vic Kids,  and they can't accept bulky quilts as they need to be folded through the straps. I was telling my DH that I  know that this charity work is what I am meant to do as often the Universe sends me what I  need without me even asking. Believe it or not! Lol.
In the meantime, I am so very grateful for such generous supporters who make it possible for us to help so many in need of comfort or basic supplies. 
Hugs, Jan Mac