Monday, August 28, 2017

Besotted? Moi?

 I am loving being a grandmother!! I do none of the work, have all of the fun and only give advice when asked- like an overpaid consultant, and an investment in our future.
Little Jake brings us so much joy already.
 Excuse the paint on my fingers. LOL The kids call me the "baby whisperer" and I am relaxing him here as he has wind pains.
 He is learning to settle himself and sleeps well. He's smaller than he looks here but so cute.
 Being a grandmother is a reward after all the years of motherhood, having 3 kids in 3 years, and on purpose. LOL
I will get back to posting quilt news but couldn't resist some more of Jake.They are off home today and life has they know it has changed forever, but what a journey ahead for all of us.
Many thanks to everyone who sent congratulations and well wishes.I can't claim any credit but I am very happy with the outcome.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Many Blessings.

 We are absolutely thrilled to welcome our first grandchild into our family. He arrived at 11.47pm Thurs night on 24th Aug at 38 weeks and 2 days. He is only 5lb 10 oz and is small but perfectly formed.
 He's wearing 5 zero clothes which are a bit big on him. Bless him.
 He's wearing one of the singlets I stitched a motif on. It's a 4 zero and huge on him. LOL
He's doing very well now he's maintaining his temperature and it is so wonderful to watch your DD and her lovely husband with their new son. They have named him Jake William and Ray and I are besotted with him.
 As well as this exciting news, we accepted a good offer on the farm on Monday and are just waiting for the building inspection so we can sign the contracts and start to plan the move. We can see many fun family times ahead and we're feeling very blessed that we will be living nearer to family and can be involved in our grandson's life.
Hugs and much love, Jan Mac

Friday, August 25, 2017

AQA Symposium Day 2.

 The second day of the Symposium was a class with Di Ford Hall, making her new design. The class was focused around playing with different fabrics, fussy cutting and using paisleys etc to get unusual effects. I always love Di's class as it's fun to see how her work looks complicated because of the way she is able to use unusual fabrics.
 Di shared some of her quilts from her second Quiltmania book and it is every bit as fabulous as her first book. She has designed the fabrics she is using as well so her fabric ranges always have interesting fabric which is great for fussy cutting as well as broderie perse.

 Di's quilts are beautifully quilted by Helen Hayes, an award winning quilter.
 Using stripes and serpentine fabric adds a nice illusion to plain blocks.
 Fussy cutting medallion border fabric adds a lovely dimension to a border surrounding broderie perse.
I didn't have a lot to show for the day of stitching but I had a lovely relaxing day with like minded quilters. What could be better.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Thursday, August 24, 2017

AQA Symposium Day 1.

  At the weekend I had two days of classes which are always great fun- playing with fabric, catching up with old and new friends and taking some time to stitch. I prefer to hand stitch at classes as I find it very relaxing and it's hard to take my large machine out of the house. I probably need to buy a smaller one.
The first day was a class with Michelle Yeo, using her Georgetown Circles design. It's a lovely block and I will probably just make one block and then design a medallion quilt around that.
 Michelle also brought her New York Beauty quilt to share and it is a lovely study in colour and fine piecing.
I got this much done for the day which I was pretty happy with and which was about as much as most of the machine stitchers finished too. Now I need to decide which fabrics to use for the next ring. That's one of the fun things of taking a class where you can discuss and share which fabrics look best. I started with the toile fabric which was 17 years old so it was time to use it. The next row is one of Di Ford Hall's Ballyhall range which was lovely for fussy cutting.
   I don't have any pink and brown quilts so that was the theme I decided on for this quilt, even though the brown looks greenish in this photo. I'd better get busy making more baby quilts for family too as we still have 5 due before Christmas.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I Think We're Ready.

 I'm spending all of my time in Melbourne now as the a baby countdown is on. We thought he might make an early appearance so it's been a rush for me to finish off all the baby sewing and knitting.
I made a simple minkee bassinet quilt and backed it with flannelette. The piece on the right is a waterproof fabric which I lined with toweling for use as a portable change mat. Foxes feature a lot as they have chosen a Woodlands theme for the nursery.
 I made 3 sets of bassinet sets consisting of fitted and flat sheets and had fun decorating the flat sheets with trim.
 I also made 3 sets of cot sheets with fitted and flat sheets as it was so much cheaper than buying and I could add special touches with trim. I still have to make a few sheets for the cot we have here and I need to do that while I still remember how. LOL . It's so much easier to make things in multiples as the first one is always the slowest.
 Another newborn knitted hat and jacket. He's a small baby so I have made newborn size as well as larger sizes.
 Another little cardigan in new born size. I should have made more in blue and I have one that I just need to finish off.
Now that I have finished most of the baby sewing- oh I just remembered I still have to applique a deer on a laundry hamper- I am busy painting cupboards to get my sewing room set up. I'm hoping to find things I packed away ages ago. It's a big job but it will be like Christmas as I reconnect with my treasures.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Saturday, August 12, 2017

My Latest Rescue.

 I bought this old treasure with the intention of restoring her. Someone had made an attempt at a rescue in the 1950s by machine stitching circles over all the worn circles, as well as machine stitching a new and wider binding over the original one.
 You can see one of the 'new circles' either side of one of the original circles. The circles are all pieced and not appliqued and it is nicely quilted in cream on the blocks, and in brown along the sashing.

 She is very worn, stained and tattered so I am looking forward to seeing how much I can improve her and bring her back to life.

There is a large number written twice on the backing so it looks like it originally came from an auction house. The backing is a light loosely woven fabric through from that era and the batting is carded cotton. I haven't had time yet to definitely date this quilt so I will give more info as I find it.
 I love working to restore these old quilts as you can learn so much about how quilters made them in eras past.
Hugs, Jan Mac

All Things Baby.

 I haven't been blogging as I have been in Melbourne and busy with all things baby. The baby shower went well and the cake was delicious.
 It was a busy and happy event with lots of family and friends stopping by. The Dr says that the baby might be early so I have been busy making cot sheet sets but forgot to take photos, Lol so will try to rectify that soon. Now I am making bassinet sheet sets and I'd better get a wriggle on as he could be here in a couple of weeks. There's lots of washing happening to prepare all the baby clothes for wearing and still lots of knitting happening. I have also been working in Melbourne at a home for younger people with Acquired Brain Injuries, and I have enjoyed the change in work.
 The new parents-to-be are very excited that their little man will soon be making his appearance and we are spending more time in Melbourne now apart from quick trips back to the farm to prepare the house for inspections. It appears we might be getting close to selling as we have 3 buyers who are interested and a couple of offers so far, so fingers crossed.
I don't have my computer here in Melbourne but luckily DH has just arrived and he has brought his down so I can add photos. I also dropped off 33 quilts for Peter Mac this week and they will be given out to patients needing a warm hug from a quilt. I also received 2 fabulous quilts from Ann G. in NSW and I will take photos and share ASAP.
Hugs, Jan Mac