Sunday, January 31, 2016

A very Special Donation and a Finish.

 While I was in Melbourne this fabulous quilt arrived from Delys R. In W.A. Delys I'm so sorry not to write you a personal thank you and I searched everywhere for your email address but couldn't find it. The quilt was made by Delys's daughter and it only requires binding. Sorry that the photo is sideways but it's large and I had to have DH hold it up so I could take a photo. I love the "birdies on a branch" fabric and it will be treasured by the recipient. Delys has requested that it be donated to Impact and I know they will be thrilled to donate it on your behalf.
     Delys also included a lovely long strip of fabric in the Chinese Coins style, for me to make some backings a bit wider when required.
    I also quilted another top for my Melbourne Quilting group's Gift Quilt program. It's our first meeting of the year tomorrow and thankfully it won't be too hot. My last piece of news is that we found the perfect wedding gown for my beautiful daughter and she is thrilled and relieved as it is just over six months to the wedding. All of the other plans for the wedding are going smoothly so I'm hoping to get some more quilts finished in Feb. to donate. I know Impact are collecting toiletries, pretty soaps, small bags etc, as well as the quilts to be distributed to the women in their programs for Mother's Day. I only gave a couple of QAYG blocks left so that will keep me busy building up my supply again. We had a lovely rainy day today and it was so nice to know that our rain water tanks are full, and that I was able to quilt without feeling like I am melting.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Friday, January 29, 2016

The Magic Number

Linda asked how many quilts I delivered and I must confess that the number even astounded me as I had originally thought that making 20 since Christmas would be a big challenge. Then I received some lovely parcels of QAYG blocks as well as 2 finished quilts so I thought maybe 25 would be achievable.
    However I was very surprised to find that I had 30 quilts to donate. I dropped them off to Impact today with 2 crocheted blankets, some fleece blankets and some toiletries. Hopefully they will bring some comfort to victims of domestic violence. Thank you for all your donations and support.
    We are still on the hunt for the perfect wedding dress and in the meantime I'm enjoying some "girl time" with my lovely DD.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

It's Surprising... much you can achieve in small increments of time when you have a plan. Today was busy with family commitments but I really wanted to get a few more finishes before the weekend. The first quilt was a top made by members of my Melbourne quilt group for their Gift Quilt program. We had a large number of tops waiting to be finished so we are busy getting them finished so they can be donated to Peter Mac for cancer patients or to children in foster care.
    The second quilt was another QAYG quilt made from donated blocks and it will be going to Impact for a Women. Mardi, I used some of your donated fabric for the joining strips. I only have 2 QAYG blocks left so that will be my focus in the coming weeks so I can build up my supply for the next round of donation quilts.
      I'm off to Melbourne again tomorrow on the ongoing search for DD's wedding dress as well as delivering  quilts to Impact. We're also going to another stage show. This time it's Mrs Brown's Boys from Ireland which should be very funny if it is similar to their TV show.
 Hugs, Jan Mac

Happy Australia Day.

How best to celebrate our country's diverse communities but with another QAYG quilt for Impact for Women. I had just enough blocks to make one more quilt, once I'd added the new blocks I made yesterday. I have started packing the quilts for delivery and it looks like I've exceeded my planned total of 25 quilts since Christmas. I had originally thought that making 20 would be ambitious but trying to finish more quilts would set a target to aim for. I won't give a total yet as I still have one more day before delivery so I might just manage to get one more finished if I can find enough blocks.
   Thanks for stopping by and I hope those of you who celebrated Australia Day enjoyed some time with family and friends.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Special Delivery.

 Mardi from country Victoria sent me a huge parcel of these beautiful Stitchery blocks as well as a large bundle of fabric. It will all be used to make more donation quilts and the many large pieces will be ideal for making binding strips to join the QAYG blocks. Mardi, many thanks for your generous donation to help the needy with this Quilt Project for the needy.
    In spare moments I've been making more QAYG blocks as well as crocheting more blanket squares. It's surprising how much you can get done in small increments of time.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Two More For Impact

Earlier in the week I had pieced half of the first quilt together before I worked nights and today was a good day to get it finished. Thankfully the weather was a bit cooler today so I stitched until late and finished another QAYG quilt. Both of them will be going to Impact for Women, for women and children affected by domestic violence.
     The box of QAYG blocks is almost empty now so tomorrow I'm planning on making more blocks in case I have time to finish a few more quilts before delivery next Friday. I think I have 28 quilts ready for delivery to Impact but I'll try to get a few more done if time and family commitments allow.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Made With Love.

Despite the hot weather we've been having I was determined to finish another crocheted blanket as I had made almost enough squares for it. Crocheting the squares wasn't too bad in the heat but joining them and then crocheting around the edge was very hot work. I finished it yesterday when it was 42C here and I now have a second blanket to donate with the quilts to Impact for a Women, which helps women and children who have experienced domestic violence.
     Did you know that it takes many domestic violence victims as many as 7 to 10 events of leaving before they are strong enough not to return to their abuser. So sad that someone could destroy someone's self confidence that they can't imagine a life without abuse. I'm not judging by any means but it's so sad that so many women and children are exposed to repeated violence and abuse at home. As a community we need to do better.
 OK off my soapbox now, and I hope you can understand why I feel compelled to make quilts and blankets for the needy. If you want to send QAYG blocks I can use any size but I most often use the 10.5 inch or 12.5 inch size. Or if you want to crochet squares or donate bits and pieces of yarn, I make Granny Squares, using size 4.5 crochet hook and yarn which is 8 ply, or combines to make 8 ply. Or if you have time to cut strips of fabric 2.5 inches across width of my fabric to use as binding strips for QAYG blocks. It takes 21 strips for the largest size and 15 for the blocks set 4x6. Every little bit we can do will make life a little brighter and bring some comfort to those who need it.
   I'm working again tonight so back to sleep again now.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Monday, January 18, 2016

Back To Basics.

 It seems like my favorite quilt to make for donation quilts will always be these QAYG quilts made from blocks donated by other quilters and combined with some of my own. The never- ending supply of batting and fabric scraps means that these quilts cost nothing much other than the time to out them altogether. I completed another one today and also worked on some more QAYG blocks for future donation quilts.
    I've started making some QAYG blocks to 12.5 inches finished as they take less time and fabric joining them but I also continue to make them in 10.5 inch size. It never ceases to amaze me how little fabric is required for each block as the pile of scraps doesn't seem to deplete quickly.
      I've also been using shorter lengths to make strips of fabric to add to the centre of backing fabric to make it wide enough for the tops I'm quilting.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are also getting some time to stitch.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Following Through.

 I finished the binding on the four tops from yesterday's quilting and have started packing boxes of quilts for delivery to Impact. The first quilt will be going to them and if you remember it was a donated top I took apart as the original squares showed very little contrast between the fabric in each squares thanks Lorraine B. for passing on the donated top from your friend. It will make a lovely gift quilt for Impact for Women, which helps victims of domestic violence.
   The remaining three quilts will be distributed by my Melbourne quilting group, AQA, to organizations which support kids in care or those with cancer. I also took a few spare moments to make more QAYG blocks as the pile is decreasing, so I'll share them tomorrow. It's always pleasing to have finished quilts ready for donation to the needy. I must do a count of those going to Impact as I was hoping to have 25 ready by the end of January. I'm hoping I'll have a few more than that finished but night shift will cut into my quilting time again this week.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Plus Four.

 Two days of shopping for a wedding dress again  this week and still looking. It's not that DD can't find one that suits her, as she has a good figure and what she chose all looked beautiful on her, but she still isn't sure she's found the dress yet. We've put the search on hold for ten days while we will both be busy with work and then will try again. On the other hand we have enjoyed spending time together and the rest of the plans are almost completed.
      I did quilt one top before I left for Melbourne again for a couple of days and then today I quilted three more, after adding borders to one. One is for Impact for Women and the others are for my Melbourne quilting group's gift quilt program, to be given to kids in foster care or those having treatment for cancer.
     Tomorrow will be a good day for binding and hopefully a couple more tops to be quilted or QAYG blocks to be made and clear some of these scraps out.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope to share the four finishes with you tomorrow.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Mixed Bag.

 Three finishes looks like a lot for one day but I had almost finished quilting this top before night shift work made it come to a temporary halt. I love all three quilts and have enjoyed seeing more quilts being added to the pile for donation. They are all different but will make a big difference to the needy.
 This lovely top was made and donated all the way from The Netherlands, by Marijke. I was very lucky to spend the day with Marijke and her lovely husband, Chris when we visited Europe. Marijke is one of my lovely blog readers and very kindly supports my Quilt Projects by making and sending QAYG blocks or tops and I hope it won't be too long before we can catch up in person again. I added borders to this lovely top and I'm really pleased with how pretty it is. Thanks again Marijke for your help.
    The second quilt is made from QAYG blocks with another variation by lovely Penel from NSW. This is the third set of blocks she has sent recently and she's made a very pretty quilt for Impact for Women.
      The last quilt was made tonight from some of the QAYG blocks I have on hand. I've also been making extra blocks when it is too hot to quilt. We gave air conditioning but I also need to work in front of a fan as we are having extremely hot weather again.
      I'm off to Melbourne for a few days again to finalize more wedding plans with our youngest DD as well as enjoying spending time with her. I'll take some hand stitching in case I have a spare minute but I didn't get much done on my last visit. Lol
Hugs, Jan Mac

Sunday, January 10, 2016

QAYG With a Difference.

Today's finish was brought to you by Penel B. She has made a set of QAYG blocks going straight across the background instead of on an angle and a very pretty Rail Fence quilt is the result. They are still easy to join using the QAYG method and if you have a lot of longer strips it would go together quickly.
   I'm still recovering from night shift but it was great to have a pile of QAYG blocks to work with and get another quilt finished for Impact. We're into the very hot weather here so I'm trying to choose sewing I can do in front of the fan as well as air conditioning.
   Many thanks for your help Penel.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Thursday, January 7, 2016

More Help From Penel B.

 A very large box from Penel  B. Of NSW arrived today and Penel has been very busy and has made two more sets of 35 QAYG blocks. She also sent binding fabric and another lovely piece which will make a lovely backing or a feature fabric. I hope Penel enjoyed making the blocks and using up some scraps because they will result in some very lovely donation quilts.
    I had a late night last night as we drove to Melbourne to see Georgy Girl, the musical about The Seekers. The show was fantastic and well worth seeing and DH enjoyed it so much he said he would love to see it again. I'm back working nights again but there was just enough time to make another quilt from donated QAYG blocks, as well as some I made earlier in the week.
    I can't wait to finish Penel's blocks into quilts and then I'll be making more blocks as the pile is diminishing.
A very big than you to everyone who has sent donations. The world will be a little better for some of the needy because of your generosity.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Treasure Trove.

I've just spent two days with our youngest daughter, while we shopped for wedding dresses for her. She started out thinking what type of style she wanted and then as she tried different fabric and styles, her ideas developed about what she wanted. Last night she was just confused, but today she was able to clarify her ideas and I think a decision has been made. We have decided to leave it for a few days and then try on the two contenders again next week, when I will be available again after working nights.
     When I returned home today I found a huge parcel from Lorraine B. of Victoria. Lorraine has had a clean up of her sewing area and sent a treasure trove of bits and pieces including thread, cot panels, a set of blocks as well as fabric, including a huge piece of cream fabric which will be a great addition for toning down some of the scrappy blocks.
    The next few days will be busy with family commitments and night shifts but I will be adding to the pile of donation quilts ASAP. Many thanks for your very generous donation, Lorraine, they will help make some more beautiful quilts for the needy.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Saturday, January 2, 2016

I Love QAYG Blocks.

 After spending the morning cleaning up the multitude of scraps in the sewing room, I took the afternoon to play with more QAYG blocks. I love these blocks as they turn quite ho-hum scraps into lovely quilts. Adding the binding strips ties them in together so I can use blocks donated from many different quilters, combine them with my own and still make pretty quilts. I love that the only decisions I make when stitching the scraps into blocks are whether I have already used that fabric in the block and whether it is long enough to cover the batting. If I'm running out of longer strips I stitch several together lengthwise and they still look good.
     I do love quilts which are color co-ordinate and intend to make some like that but you can't beat just picking up random scrappy strips for constructing blocks quickly. Stitching in front of the AC was the best place to be this afternoon and this evening I relaxed with some of my hand stitching. The pile of donation quilts is growing thanks to all of you who have sent QAYG blocks. I am already at 20 for Impact and wanted to have 25 to deliver in early Feb. I might even have more finished but I also have some tops to quilt for my Melbourne group to donate as well as a couple of mine which are ready for quilting.
  Anyway it's a very good start to the year before I get busy with family commitments like our DD's wedding. Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Friday, January 1, 2016

Starting the Year Well.

These beautiful QAYG blocks were made and donated by Penel from NSW. I thought I'd better get them put together as Penel told me she's working on her third set of blocks and still has plenty of scraps. That's the advantage of using scraps to make these blocks as you actually need very little fabric if you are using lots of narrow strips. Many thanks for doing all of the work of making the blocks, Penel. The quilt will bring comfort to it's new home.
    There is a saying that what you do on New Year's Day is what you will do all year. I'm not sure if it's true or not but didn't want to risk it so I spent most of the day stitching so I can get some more quilts finished for donation.
     I hope that this year brings good health, peace and many blessings for 2016. I really appreciate all of your support with the Quilt Donation Projects and hope we can bless many needy people again this year.
Hugs, Jan Mac