Sunday, June 28, 2020

Catching Up.

 Another busy week with donations arriving and wet and overcast weather so I am behind with photographing the arrivals. Kaye Scaletti (Vic) donated 6 fabulous quilts as well as 5 beautiful crocheted blankets.

 Cathy Miller from Canada sent a beautiful string pieced top, with the backing as well.
 Helen Evans from Vic, donated the next beautiful tumbler quilt.
 Sue Palmer from Vic sent another lovely I Spy quilt.
 I will add Part 2 soon.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Fabulous Quilts and Donations Arrive.

 Judy Cooke (Vic) donated the first 4 fabulous quilts and they will be treasured when given out.

 The AQA night ladies donated 23 quilts in total as well as taking lots of kits etc and finishing them off.

 They also finished off 13 tops from different donated UFOs, sets of blocks and adding borders to make tops larger. It's been a huge help for me as I have been able to sort blocks by size, theme and colour and they have assembled them into tops and quilts.

 S. Ladner (Qld) donated 8 metres of fabric as well as 1 metre of wide backing fabric which will be great for backings.
I've been busy with administrative jobs, making contacts etc as well as helping the husband of one of my blog supporters to sort the remnants of her stash. Jo very kindly donated her stash between Oz Comfort Quilts and 3 other quilting groups, as her health was failing. She also donated sets of tops and blocks to Oz Comfort Quilts and I have finished and donated them already.  Now that she has passed away I'm taking her UFOs, etc and will finish and donate them on her behalf and I am honoured that she trusted me to carry out her wishes.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Sunday, June 21, 2020

More Quilts Arrived.

 Lynne Mills from Victoria donated the first 3 fabulous quilts and the first one is so large it was hard to display properly and it will be a treasure for the person who receives it.
 Such a pretty floral quilt with hand embroidered flowers made by Lynne Mills.
 The night ladies group of AQA have very generously been sewing angels, finishing off tops, making tops from donated blocks or finishing quilts with quilting and binding.
 They made several I Spy quilts as we always seem to need quilts for boys.
 This owl top was a donated panel and they added borders to make it larger.

 This top with pink stars is a composite of about 3 different quilters, or more. I was making the pink stars using donated pieced floral strips and my angel combined them with donated pink blocks as well so we probably finished UFOs for 3 or 4 people with this one quilt.

 I think these crazy blocks in blue were donated and my angels added sashing, borders and quilted it.

 This lovely top in pinks was donated as a pieced backing by Michelle (Vic) but it was too pretty as a back so I quilted it as a top.
 Wendy Snook (Vic) donated this lovely top as well as backing and I quilted it so it is ready for donation.
I didn't get as much time for quilting as I'm busy getting ready for the next delivery of quilts. Hopefully we can finish distribution in Corryong next week after we take tye finished quilts out of storage.  Anne Jones and the ladies from the Girl's Shed in Tocumwal have made 59 quilts varying in size from child's to queen size and they are delivering them tomorrow. After that we will have a clearer idea of how many we need to take to complete what is needed there before focusing on East Gippsland.
It looks like it will be a busy week getting ready for distribution and the quilts will be very welcome now it's so cold.
Hugs and thanks, Jan Mac