Friday, June 29, 2012

The Kindness of Quilters

 I am always amazed at the generosity and kindness of quilters who share their talents with the needy. I received 5 finished quilts as well as 2 quilt tops and binding all the way from Holland. The finished quilts are shown on my other blog at Oz Comfort Quilts and you can see the tops here. I will show the tops on my other blog too when they are finished.They were all made and donated by Marijke Kleefman who has continued to support the quilt appeal project for the needy here in Australia as well as in her own community and the quilts will bring so much joy as well as warmth to those who receive them.
  I also received another parcel from Gina E. (Vic) who has made another tartan quilt top as well as two large pieces of wadding which has been pre-quilted the background. The wadding will be perfect for finishing off more quilts Gina so thank you very much for your donations.
  I'm getting back to my day time routine slowly but plan to get more quilts done very soon as I sent off 17 yesterday with 2 crocheted blankets, hand made tote bags as well as about 20 knitted beanies. These numbers of donations were only possible due to the generous and kind donations of others.
Thank you all for your continued support for those in need.
Hugs, Jan Mac
PS Gina asked about my relationship with our Post Office- We are all on first name terms and they take a real interest in all the parcels that come and go. They even send a man out with a trolley and allow me to drive into the delivery area if there are lots of boxes to pick up. They are very kind about it and I think we're contributing to keeping quite a few people employed LOL.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Donations Galore

 Just stopping in on my way to bed after a very busy night shift to show some of the donations that have arrived here this week. Gini Smith from Colleambly (NSW) dropped off some lovely QAYG blocks, lovely tote bags she'd made as well as a big bag of scraps and 2 quilt tops, a backing and a set of binding. Lorna W also contributed to this lovely bag of donations and they will be finished off into quilts ASAP.
 The lovely crocheted blanket was found at a Warrnambool Op Shop for $2 and will keep someone warm this winter.
 Delys Rogers from WA has been very busy with the knitting needles again and she has sent over 11 lovely warm beanies to keep some needy heads warm in this cold weather we're having.
 I also received a lovely parcel of fabric, sets of quilt blocks and quilt tops from Margaret McCaughey (NSW) and I'm planning on finishing off the sets of blocks etc very soon.
 Now I'm off to bed so I can work again tonight.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Monday, June 25, 2012

More of The Great Ocean Road

 We had a lovely week traveling along the Great Ocean Road and made it as far as Victor Harbour in Sth Australia. We spent 3 days driving around the Coorong National Park and we had a day of sunshine which was a lovely change after all the rain. I included some photos of kangaroos we saw as well as some of the scenery, so my overseas readers can see our beautiful country.
 It's good to be home again and I spent today catching up on the washing as well as finishing off more quilts before I start night shifts again tomorrow night. Check out the finishes on my other blog and I plan to get some more quilts finished tomorrow before I go to work.
It's cold here but a warm fire has soon warmed the house and quilting also keeps me warm.
I hope you are all enjoying some winter warmth too.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Great Ocean Road

I  had a break from paid work so we decided to take a trip along the Great Ocean Road along the Victorian coast to South Australia. We'd been planning this trip for 2 years but just didn't get time for it before now. We knew that the weather was going to be mostly wet but decided to travel anyway.
  It has been very wet and overcast but we have enjoyed our trip and all the new sights. We're staying a few nights at Victor Harbour in Sth Australia and they are getting more than a months worth of rain in a few days, but there was a short break in the rain today and hopefully there will be less continual rain over the weekend.
 Today has been the best time to use the internet but it's still too slow to load many photos so I'll have more to show in a few days when we return home. I have more night shifts to work then so I'm enjoying our break from routine.
 I hope you are all staying dry.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Daylight Again

 I'm still catching up on my sleep and getting my inner clock used to daylight again but I did manage to finish a QAYG quilt, a crocheted blanket as well as reading 4 more books this week.
  Today I also bound the 3 quilts I'd quilted the other day as well as quilting another top. The finished quilts will be shown on my other blog and I plan to quilt some more tops tomorrow to get another lot of quilts ready to donate while our weather is so cold.
 Hugs, Jan Mac

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Four Top Day

I knew that night duty would put paid to any quilting for the rest of the week so I was happy to quilt 4 tops today. I bound the very cute and cuddly baby quilt and will finish the other bindings as soon as I catch up on my sleep.
I'll show photos of the finished quilts on my other blog. In the meantime sleep well everyone and enjoy your warm bed. Thanks to your donations some needy people will also be warmer tonight.
Night all,
Jan Mac

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Good Start

 It's been a good start to the week as I finished off a mug rug for a swap with an overseas quilter, as well as finishing off 2 more QAYG quilts from donated blocks. They are shown on my other blog at Oz Comfort Quilts. I also received 2 more lovely parcels of donations. The first one contained more QAYG blocks, binding strips and lovely knitted beanies for the needy, all made and donated by Stephanie D. from WA.
 The second parcel was crammed full of lovely fabric and was donated by Cate G from NSW. The weather has been very cold and windy lately so I'm very grateful to have a warm bed. I'd hate to think how cold it must be for the homeless and I know that all the donations will help to warm the needy.
I've also finished enough crocheted squares for another single bed sized blanket so will get those put together in the next few evenings.
 Back to the sewing machine to finish off another QAYG quilt.
Many thanks for all your help with these projects.
hugs, Jan Mac

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Week of Work

 Paid work and night shift in particular has meant that not much quilting has taken place this week. I did manage to make some hexagon pieces for AQA's Quilt-In at the end of June. I also spent time knitting face cloths from knitting cotton.
  But most of my time was spent in reading books where I was unlikely to make a mistake in cutting fabric due to excessive tiredness. I work again tomorrow but only one night shift later in the week so I plan to get some more quilts finished this week.
Hugs, Jan Mac