Wednesday, August 31, 2022

More Arrivals.

More fabulous donations have arrived with Stephanie Driel from WA donating 20 beautifully knitted beanies.
Mary-anne Goss from SA donated 5 beautifully made large quilt tops and Faye Burville from Victoria donated a lovely quilt.
Fiona Steehuis from Victoria is a professional quilter who very kindly quilted 2 tops donated by Jenni Rose and she also beautifully quilted 3 tops made by Jean O'Connor which were made with batting and backing provided by Mary Anne Rooney. Fiona Steenhuis also bound the quilts and I'm very happy to recommend her as a professional quilter as her beautiful quilting enhances the quilt tops she has finished by donating her services.
Boronia Retirement Village donated another 2 knitted blankets and 1 also contained a knitted teddy in a specially made pocket.
Kaye Hardman and friend donated 9 cute teddy bears and Sandra Jahnke (Vic) beautifully knitted 11 teddy bears with their cute sleeping bags.
Norma Aitken and Waverley Patchworkers are very generous supporters and they have donated 2 rolls of batting, 9 beautifully knitted beanies, 3 scarves, a large amount of baby yarn and knitting pattern, as well as a large amount of speciality yarn.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Thank You From Different Groups.

We received more photos and thank yous from the newly arrived Ukrainian families in Tasmania for the quilts they received. Carleen Richardson co-ordinated the distribution with assistance from other members and Southern Cross Quilters and it was relatively easy with the assistance of the Ukrainian Council of Tasmania.
It has been more difficult to distribute to larger numbers of newly arrived Ukrainians in Victoria as they are scattered throughout the State and the Ukrainian Council is busy helping them with accomodation, employment etc. They're also suffering from the uncertainities of displacement due to war so it is taking longer to assist them. If you wish to donate specifically for the Ukrainian communities please hold onto the quilts until I need more as I have enough here for them at the moment.
You can see from the happy faces that the quilts are very much appreciated. Thank you to all of you who have assisted with this quilt drive.

We've received a lovely email of appreciation from someone in the Lismore area who was severely impacted by the floods. Sue Ryan from SA and Anne Sushames from Victorian Quilters Inc. AUS donated their quilts.
Dear Oz Comfort Quilts group,
My family and I were rescued from our ceiling in North Lismore on the 28th of February during the floods in Northern NSW. We lost most of our possessions (everything we were unable to lift into the ceiling in the middle of the night) as the flood water almost reached our ceiling. It was a terrifying experince and losing all of our belongings was devastating.
After 5 months of being dispaced, staying with family and friends, we recently found a new rental property to live in and have started to make our new home.
We are so delighted to have received three quilts from Oz Comfort Quilts group today, delivered to us by the very thoughtful ladies from Lismore Craft and Quilters.
Our 14 and 17 year old teenagers were very grateful to be given something so special to have for their new space and my husband and I wanted to thank you all as well for sending such heartfelt generous gifts to our community. Thank you for your support 💖 We are all slowly rebuilding our lives and the support of our extended community has made an incredible difference.
Please pass our gratitude on to Anne Sushames (VIC) and Sue Ryan (SA), their stunning quilts have new forever homes and are very much loved.
Warmes wishes,
Melea Moonbeam

Thank you all so much for your support.

Hugs, Jan Mac

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Many Thanks Patchwork Collections Yarra Valley Quilters.

We received a wonderful donation of 43 fabulous quilts from Pat Biggs and the Patchwork Collections of Yarra Valley Quilters and the colours, themes and sizes are varied and will be appreciated by so many people in need of a warm hug .

Thank you all so much for your generous donations and support. 

Hugs, Jan Mac