Wednesday, August 30, 2023

This Week's Finishes

This first quilt was a donated UFO consisting of a long strip of 2.5 inch squares.  I took them apart and made blocks of squares set 6 x 6. Then I made 4x 4  sets from my 2.5 inch squares and then added an orange frame of 2.5 inch strips. I have more squares so will make at least one more from the donated strip.
I have received  lots of donated fabric over the years and cut the older fabric into 6 inch squares as kits for people to sew. I still have lots on hand so it was good to get another quilt made from them.
I also made 2 more quilts from donated QAYG blocks from various quilters. 
It's been good to get some finishes in between sorting and packing donations ready for delivery. 
Hugs, Jan Mac xx 


Tuesday, August 29, 2023

This Week's Arrivals.

Lots of lovely donations have arrived again. An anonymous donor delivered 6 beautifully hand pieced quilt tops,  1 partially completed top and a large bag of fabric. 
Margaret Brown donated 2 bags of yarn, 19 beanies and some batting.
Margaret's quilting group, the Nicola Crt quilters,  have been very busy sewing and they have made 91 Santa Sacks,  154 soap pouches,  59 drawstring/library bags,  and 68 beautiful bibs.
Cathy Bruton and the Inverloch Chatty Crafters have donated another large amount of donations including 1 quilt,  2 knitted blankets,  2 crocheted blankets,  1 knitted teddy bear,  1 knitted cardigan,  1 pair of pyjamas,  2 pair of socks, 3 pair of undies, 2 scarves, 4 pair of track pants,  1 t shirt,7 pair of fingerless gloves,  15 Santa Sacks,  12 toiletry bags, 36 soap pouches,  and 9 tote bags. Pam Neenan very kindly delivered them to me.

Pam Neenan donated a large box of baby's blankets and handknits as well as clothing. 
Cathy Bruton also donated totebags, drawstring bags and soap pouches made from obsolete uniforms donated by Ambulance Victoria. 
Hugs, Jan Mac xx 


Monday, August 28, 2023

A Week of Celebrations for Jake.

Our precious grand son,  Jake, has turned 6 and we had lots of festivities to celebrate his special week. I didn't get many photos but it was so lovely to share your excitement and joy in eating your favourite foods and activities. 
More parcels have arrived and Mary Anne Rooney sent 2 large parcels containing 11 cute teddy bears and a large number of lovely QAYG blocks made by the Bendigo and Castlemaine Boomerang bags group. 
Mary-anne Goss from SA has sent another large parcel containing 4 lovely quilt tops. 
Many thanks for your generous donations and support everyone. 
Hugs, Jan Mac xx 


Sunday, August 20, 2023

The Monday Quilters

Today's quilt show has been brought to you by Barbara Black and the Monday Quilters.  These 22 fabulous quilts are the remaining ones that I hadn't photographed of their donation of 60 quilts a few months ago.

Lots of inspiration to be seen here.

Great use of jelly roll strips with feature squares of cars.

So many wonderful quilts which will soon be giving warm hugs to people in need.  

Hugs, Jan Mac xx  

Saturday, August 19, 2023

This Week's Arrivals.

Kathryn Jacobs has donated 14 crocheted blankets. 
Janet Kidson has donated another 12 teddies and Kaye Hardman and friends have knitted lovely jumpers for them.
Dymphne Anderson donated another 24 small teddy bears. 
Jan Baker donated 2 lovely quilt tops. 
Barb Black and her lovely group, the Monday Quilters,  donated 60 quilts a few months ago and these lovely quilts are some of those.

Barb said there was no need to take photos of all of them but it's always good to acknowledge our wonderful members and their donations. 

Many thanks for your generous support everyone. 

Hugs, Jan Mac xx 

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Many Thanks to County Victorian Quilters.

Jo-anne Starr (Vic) has very generously donated another 2 fabulous quilts. 
Wendy Evans (Vic) has also generously donated another  6 beautiful quilts and a lovely knitted blanket. 

Diane McGivern has donated  4 lovely quilt tops,  some orphan blocks as well as fabric.

Barb Fleiss has donated 3 fantastic quilts as well as a lovely quilt top. 

Many thanks to Norma Aitken as well for meeting Wendy and bringing back the quilts from the 3 Geelong quilters.
Hugs, Jan Mac xx