Monday, January 6, 2020

Quilt As You Go Block Tutorial for Oz Comfort Quilts.

Hi friends, I have reposted this tutorial on how to make QAYG blocks for Oz Comfort Quilts and hope that this is helpful to you. Please ask if you have any questions.
Hugs, Jan Mac

"Quilt As You Go" Block Tutorial

I have finally found time to put this tutorial together and if anyone is inspired to send me a few blocks then I'll put them together and donate them to the bush fire victims. These quilts are very easy for me to put together and cost very little as they all use up scraps.
Basically I cut a background fabric to 11" and place batting on it so
that it covers the fabric. I overlap the batting slightly if I'm using
strips. Then I place a long strip of fabric diagonally across the middle
of the block and pin it in place. I use strips which vary in size from
3/4" in width up to 3 " in width and the only rules are that I don't use the same string more than once in each block. Then I sew a strip each side of the
first strip and sew them down and then press them open, continuing until
the entire block is covered. I trim the blocks to 10.5" and then join
them together by placing two blocks backing sides together and pin them
in place. Then sew a 2.5" binding strip, which has been ironed in half,
across the seam line and sew through both blocks and binding strip. Then
unpin them and flatten the blocks and sew the binding down on the other
side. I sew them in a 5 x 7 setting and I also use a denim needle to
make it easier to sew through all the thicknesses. If anyone wants to
make even just a few blocks, then I'm happy to join them together into a
quilt. They don't have to be 10.5" in size as long as there are enough
to make a quilt. I usually start with a 10.5" or 11" piece of backing
fabric as I had a lot of donated sheeting pieces in those sizes.

There's no need to join the blocks together just send any blocks you can
get made and I'll do the rest.


MaryAnn said...

Hi Jan, where do we send the blocks please?

Jillian Ferguson said...

Hello Jan, Great idea, I am in an area 52km from Tumbarumba so on the edge of fire activity, Have heaps of fabric and 2 granddaughters who are keen to sew.
Where do we send to and how long will you be doing for?
my email is


Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Just saw a link to your project on Academic Quilter. Can you send me an address to mail to?

Susan said...

This is great - love that you are happy with batting scraps too - kicking myself for chucking out some a while back - but I can find more!