Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Donations and Play Mats.

Laurel Box from Victoria has very generously donated 2 more parcels containing 2 beautiful quilts which will be treasures. 
Laurel also made a lovely baby play mat which is great as we have been getting requests for baby clothes and play mats.
I have also made 4 more baby play mats from donated QAYG blocks. They are ideal for these as the provide gentle padding and I am using blocks made from thicker poly batting when I find some.

Even the backs of these play mats is colourful enough to interest a baby.
I also knitted a baby beanie to go with a baby jacket as they are in demand too.

 It's lovely to receive so much support when the need is so great, and likely to continue for some time.

Hugs, Jan Mac 

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