Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Today's Happy Mail.

 Many, many thanks to Stephanie D. from Western Australia who sent 82 QAYG blocks and 2 sets of sashing to join the blocks. Stephanie you have gifted me with hours of time by supplying me with more QAYG blocks and they will be a great way to start off the next collection of quilts for Peter Mac .
 I also received a lovely Christmas card from Peter Mac to thank everyone who has donated  to Oz Comfort Quilts and contributed to the quilts we donated as well as all of the items we produced for their auxiliary shop .
They also included a letter which outlines all of the projects funded by sales from the Peter Mac auxiliary shop and it's wonderful to see how our donations play a small part in funding their wonderful work to provide assistance to their patients for extra services.
       Thank you all so much for your help with these ongoing projects which are making a difference in the wider community.
    Hugs, Jan Mac 


Linda said...

Wow, 82 QAYG blocks and sashing. What a wonderful contribution to your Charity work, Jan. Nice to get the letter from Peter Mac too.

Jenny said...

It's always nice to be thanked for your efforts, and so nice to see where the money raised has been spent.

ButterZ said...

You do a wonderful job. Thank you

Maria said...

Great bundle of QAYG blocks and binding from Stephanie..
Lovely letter from Peter Mac as well.