Saturday, December 14, 2019

Another Special Delivery.

 Yesterday a very large parcel arrived from Maria W. of Western Australia and it was packed full of quilts to donate to Peter Mac.  Maria is an ongoing supporter of Oz Comfort Quilts and these 4 fabulous quilts will bring so much joy this Christmas for those in need of a warm hug. The vibrant colours of the first 2 are both so cheerful and will be treasured.
 The quilt below is in lovely soft pastel colours and the applique is beautiful.
 The last quilt is also brightly coloured and has great kid's prints.

 Maria also very kindly added some more blocks to be added to some I have on hand here.
 This fabulous "happy birthday" bunting was made by Maria for my grandsons, Jake and Aidan, and it will be lovely to decorate with it for their birthdays.
Thank you so much for all of your support with these quilt projects Maria and I will drop them off to Peter Mac this week. Lots more people will enjoy our quilts this Christmas thanks to all of you and your support of Oz Comfort Quilts .
Hugs, Jan Mac 


ButterZ said...

Fantastic support from Maria. She always donates so much.

Jenny said...

Such a wonderful kind donation from Maria.

Marijke said...

so beautiful!!!!

Maria said...

Great to see they arrived on time for Christmas..

Linda said...

Fabulous quilts, blocks and bunting. Maria is so generous.