Sunday, December 15, 2019

Weekly Catch Up.

 It's been a busy week but then again they all seem to be. We had family staying and I seemed to have a virus causing headaches,  excessive tiredness and nausea for most of the week. DH is worried I might be getting Chronic Fatigue again so I am trying to rest up a bit more.
    These 3 quilts were tops made by members of my quilting group and I am getting a head start for next year by getting a few finished now.

 My DD wanted to nake a quilt for Aidan so I cut and pressed while she sewed and we tried to get it done while the boys slept. Now we have to add sashing and borders before I quilt it.
I've also been stitching more 6 pointed stars and appliqueing them to background fabric which is nice and relaxing. I still have lots to do but this coming week will be busy with DD back at work fulltime for a week and, as she's still breastfeeding, I will have to take Aidan to her for feeds, hopefully only once a day.
      Every year I wish I had started preparing to make Christmas items earlier for Peter Mac but some finished is better than none and at least I got a lot of quilts finished. I'm also hoping to get more UFOs finished before the end of the year but spending time with family is also a priority so I will try not to worry if I don't get much sewing time.
Hugs, Jan Mac 


ButterZ said...

Don't stress too much. Remember your charity work is a hobby. Your health and family comes first.

Linda said...

Lovely donated quilt tops. I love the Stars your daughter is using to make a quilt for Aidan. Hope your Grandma Duty day goes well and that the baby doesn’t need too many feeds!

Maria said...

You've made a good start Sew now it's time to relax with family and not worry about the community quilts for awhile.