Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Many Thanks Marg H, Jennie J, and Lyn B.

 Marg H. from Melbourne is one of my blog readers as well as being an expert knitter. She has very generously made and donated these items and she also enlisted the help
of her friends Jenny J. and Lyn B. to make more items  to go to the Peter Mac auxiliary shop and beanies for New Guinea.
     Marg has been on a mission with her knitting needles and has made all of these baby items in the past couple of months. These will all go to Peter Mac for sale in their auxillary shop and will help to raise much needed funds.

These lovely beanies were made by Marg's friend, Jennie J. and will be going to the New Guinea highlands for the children. Access to warm garments is very limited there and the photos of the children wearing beanies from our last shipment were inspirational and I have another shipment nearly ready to go.

Another of Marg's lovely friends, Lyn B. donated the lovely hand made Christmas decorations and items for sale by Peter Mac auxiliary shop too.

 Marg also donated 8 rolls of batting which is a wonderful gift and will be used very quickly for more donation quilts.
Three large spools of thread and some decorative buttons completed the large number of donations and all are very gratefully received for my ongoing quilt and humanitarian projects.
  A simple thank you doesn't seem enough for such generous donations of your time, skills, wool and sewing supplies ladies, but they will make such a difference to so many lives. Many thanks to you all for your generosity and support.
     Yesterday was a childfree day so the sewing machine was working hard and I have more finishes to share soon.
Hugs, Jan Mac 


Maria said...

Such a generous lot of beautiful knitted and hand made garments as well as donating wadding and thread by MargH. Jennie J. And Lyn B.
Fantastic ladies....

Linda said...

What an amazing bundle of goodies you received. Lovely work from your knitting followers. Well done to everyone.