Saturday, June 15, 2019

More Fabulous Donated Quilts.

 Sue V. from Victoria has very generously donated these 4 fabulous quilts and they will be going to Peter Mac for their clients . You would be thrilled to own any of these quilts and I know they will be treasured. Sue had even paid to have them professionally quilted and I am very honoured that she has donated them to Peter Mac.

Saying thanks doesn't seem enough for such a generous donation, and you might never hear from the recipients as they are facing challenges which will take precedence but please know that your donations do make a difference and they comfort the patients and their families.
  Many thanks Sue and my other generous blog readers for all your support. It also helps to keep me focused on getting more quilts finished too.
Hugs, Jan Mac 


Linda said...

What a generous donation! Four lovely quilts, and professionally quilted too. Amazing gifts.

Maria said...

Four fabulous quilts donated by Sue. They will be treasured .

Jo said...

Fantastic quilts.