Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Thanks From Khancoban.

 I received a lovely email of thanks from a Khancoban resident:

To the very kind Fishbowlers Sewists and Robin Walker (Tas),

This week I received a beautiful gift.  A quilt made by some wonderful, kindhearted and very generous souls from Launceston.

We live just out of Khancoban and are Rural Fire Service (RFS) members.  We had a pretty stressful time at the start of 2020 with the threat of being burnt out threatening our valley and township from many different fronts over a period of several weeks.  Our little town was evacuated and it was just our small crew left to defend local properties and our small town.  We had no outside help as resources were being utilised in other places as a huge part of the country was impacted by multiple bushfires. We were completely isolated both geographically and communications wise.  There were losses throughout our district but on the whole we managed to come out of the bushfires so much better off than many others.

Tragically, 3 young men in our community have taken their own lives since then.  It is hard to know just how deeply an event as terrifying as those fires were, can affect individuals in so many ways.  I think that Covid and multiple border restrictions and lockdowns have also impeded the healing process and meant that some of the Oz Comfort Quilts did not get to where they were destined until recently.  Our major centre is Corryong but because it is on the Vic side of the river and we are on the NSW side, your beautiful gift has been carefully stored with some others until now.  We held our RFS AGM at the start of June and that was the perfect opportunity for the lady who had been storing the quilts for Khancoban to start the process of getting them to their new homes.

Thank you so much for such a beautiful gesture.  The work that has gone into this quilt is just amazing.  It is a beautiful piece and makes me feel warm inside just to look at it.  It is reassuring to know that fellow Australians were thinking of those on the fire fronts and did something so special to send their love and best wishes.  This quilt has become a significant part of our family history and will be treasured for generations.

Yours sincerely,
Nat M.

It's heart warming to hear that the quilts you've donated have helped the communities to heal.
Hugs, Jan Mac


ButterZ said...

A lovely thankyou

Linda said...

What a wonderful letter. So pleased for you ad all the people who have donated quilts.