Saturday, June 12, 2021

Family Time.

Our DD had her surgery for the kidney stones and we looked after the boys for 3 days and Sophie for a day while she was in surgery. Even though it's tiring we love being able to spend so much time with them and it's wonderful watching them grow and develop. Sophie is 7 weeks old and a very easy baby who sleeps well.

Aidan has just turned 2 and he speaks in 8 word sentences,  loves to sing, is fearless with his climbing and is currently obsessed with penguins. 

 Jake is 3 and a half, loves working with Papa, doing puzzles and trying out lots of new words. His latest favourite word is "incredible" and he loves having lots of talks and cuddles. He loves building things and has a better idea of where things are kept than Papa does. Lol

    Thankfully the surgery went well and the kids were well behaved and happy to stay with us without fretting.  We'll sleep well tonight and get back to quilting tomorrow. 

Hugs, Jan Mac 

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Maria said...

Happy your DD is okay after her surgery…
Even though your gorgeous GC tire you it’s wonderful to have them and watch them grow.
Sophie is so cute , Aidan sounds like a very busy inquisitive two year old and Jake sounds like a sweetie who keeps Papa on his toes…