Thursday, May 21, 2020

The Generous Donations Continue.

 Robin Walker and the Fishbowler Sewists from Launceston Tasmania have sent another 3 large parcels containing 7 more quilts, a bed runner and a large amount of fabric for backings. Robin and her group have been incredibly generous with the number of quilts they have made and donated and for our bushfire quilt drive and their quilts will be very much appreciated,  especially as it's getting much colder at night now.

 Jill Miglietti (Vic) dropped off 2 boxes of beautiful fabric and I have already used 2 pieces for binding 2 quilts I was finishing off today. Jill included a real variety of fabric colours and designs and they will be great for adding borders, bindings and backings.
    I've also been talking to people working for the bushfire recovery group and we're continuing to discuss which areas will soon be ready to receive quilts and it's apparent that quite a few are still not ready, which gives us more time to finish off more quilts.
Thanks everyone for your donations and support.
Hugs, Jan Mac xx

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kiwikid said...

Wonderful quilts and great fabric.