Tuesday, May 26, 2020

More Generous Donors.

 I feel so blessed to have such wonderful supporters, many who have donated more than once. Illene Tiziani (Vic) has donated 3 more beautiful quilts to bring comfort to people affected by the bushfires.

 Annette Pascoe  (Vic) donated  2 beautiful quilts as well as 11 QAYG blocks and 4 sets of binding.

 An anonymous donor from ACT donated 3 beautiful large tops, a large piece of wide backing fabric and a very generous monetary donation.
 Bernice Park from Tasmania has sent another large parcel containing 44 QAYG blocks and binding.
 Joanna Calder from Vic sent 36 large QAYG blocks and 3 orphan blocks.
 Josephine Menzies (Vic) donated 4 sets of binding  which I have already used for one of the donated quilts I'm finishing.
All of these wonderful donations means that we will have many fabulous donation quilts to comfort those affected by the bushfires and I am very grateful for your support.
Hugs, Jan Mac. 

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kiwikid said...

Wonderful quilts and tops and extras.