Sunday, November 15, 2015

Time To Practice.

 This year I decided to take some classes from the long arm quilting machine experts. I have a short arm machine and have been in the habit of quilting large meanders on most of the tops I donate because it is quick and easy and most people who receive a quilt don't notice the quilting design. They are attracted to the color, design or it's warmth and I have quilted thousands like this.
     I know I could have been developing my free motion quilting skills but I've had so much trouble with thread breakages or tension problems that I became frustrated even just quilting a pantograph. I'd even considered buying a more expensive machine but as I have no desire to quilt for anyone else and I mainly use my Janome for fancy quilting on my own quilts, I couldn't justify the cost.
     I took classes with Linda Taylor and Pam Clarke as I thought the skills would be useful to use with my domestic sewing machine as well as my quilting machine. Of course the most important factor is practice. Lots of practice! I have found that So Fine Superior thread works well in my quilting machine so I'm going to practice my free motion quilting and try to develop my skills. I will be quilting lots more donation quilts so I really should make an effort to increase my skill set.
     The first quilt top I finished today was a quick meander but the second one I tried free motion loops and stars. They are not perfect but that is why practice is required. I could see that having taken the classes I was already better prepared for free motion quilting. The best part is that I have two more quilts ready to donate.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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Linda said...

Two very different quilts, both lovely. Well done on practising your machine quilting. I am impressed!