Friday, November 27, 2015

A Special Delivery From Holland.

A very large box has arrived from Holland and it contained a treasure trove of lots of QAYG blocks as well as other goodies. Marijke, one of my lovely blog readers has sent two quilt tops with binding, lots of little shorts and skirts as well as 64 QAYG blocks and some fleece fabric. Marijke must have been sewing for ages to make so many and they will make some lovely quilts.
    The box also contained some beautiful red Dutch handkerchiefs which I can make into a quilt, and Marijke sent me a special treasure- a Dutch market scene cross stitched cushion which her mother had stitched. It is such a lovely keepsake and I will treasure it. I think I may use it as a wall hanging to preserve it.
     When we were in Europe last year,Marijke and her husband, Chris, were so very kind to host us for the day. We took the train to the nearest city where they live and they took us home for lunch and then drove us around the countryside to see the dykes, windmills and their beautiful garden allotment. Ray and I gave such lovely memories of the day we spent with Marijke and Chris and I feel very blessed to have met such wonderful people through my blog. Marijke has also made and sent many quilt tops for me to finish and donate and her lovely work has blessed many people who have experienced disruption to their lives through natural disasters such Bushfires and floods.
      Thank you so much for your donations, Marijke but also for your friendship. On the health front I'm not much better so off for a chest XRay today, and another week of antibiotics.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Linda said...

What a lovely box of goodies, Jan. Your Dutch friend is so kind and thoughtful. I do hope your chest X-ray goes well and that the antibiotics work soon.

Anonymous said...

How generous of Marijke to send the huge parcel all the way from the Netherlands...