Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Progress in Bits and Pieces

 Lots of bits and pieces are getting done in between working nights and sleeping. Lots of sleeping! I bought these little Dresden Plates in Houston last year and I've now finished appliquéing them to 6.5 inch squares. I think there are 58 of them and I plan to put them together into a quilt now.
      I also tried some more free motion quilting on another donation quilt but I had lots of thread breakages and I could have meander quilted 3 quilts in the time it was taking me to quilt half this quilt. I ended up taking it off the machine and meander quilted another top instead. I was happy with my efforts on the other quilt but when I tried more stop and start patterns the thread broke. I think that maybe the quilting machine isn't suitable for that type of quilting. I can use the techniques I learnt though when I free motion quilt with my domestic sewing machine.
       I also received two large postal bags stuffed with yarn for the blankets I make for the homeless. Kaite M. From Bathurst has been very generous with donating yarn and it will make some lovely blanket squares. I know it's getting to be too hot for the blankets but making the squares are easy to do in spare moments of time and it will be good to have some on hand for when they are needed.
     We've had quite a lot of rain over the last week but the sudden hot weather and the drying off of the bush land means that Bushfires are still going to be a real threat for us this summer.
Time to get busy quilting again. As soon as I catch up on my sleep.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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jacaranda said...

Sounds like you are all well again, now you can look back on your trip and enjoy what you bought and did.