Friday, November 6, 2015

A Less Than Epic Journey.

I am relieved to be home after a difficult trip back from the US. It started well with a pleasant flight from Houston to LA and I even managed to get all the luggage on the plane, which I was having doubts about! I hadn't had lunch so at 3pm I had a cold frappachino at LAX. About an hour later I was feeling a bit off, when without warning I projectile vomited over my top, my suitcases and my shoes. I was standing near some seats and only one woman noticed and asked if I was OK. Well I could hardly say I was, but just made my way to the restroom to clean myself up. Luckily I hadn't checked my luggage and I was able to retrieve a clean top and wash extensively. I had taken a tablet for travel sickness though I rarely get it, and of course it didn't stay down long enough to work. I still had 4 hours to wait until the flight left and I needed to check my bags, but before that was possible, and while I was still in the restroom, I had another urgent episode of vomiting and diarrhoea. Luckily I was seated on the toilet and, while vomiting all over the floor, I managed to avoid my clothing and shoes. More cleanup resulted and many thankful prayers that I managed to leave the toilet stall without slipping in the mess.
  If you're still reading you are made of stern stuff!
 I did manage to check my bags and contemplated whether or not to try to delay my flight until I felt better as spending another 20 hours in these conditions of ill health, whilst in a confined space in the plane, were not an experience to be welcomed. Our youngest DD  and her lovely fiance are having their engagement party 3 days after my return so I really couldn't delay the flight and just hoped I could hold it together until I got on the plane.
      Finally I was able to take my seat and the flight started. Surprisingly I still had a further episode of vomiting and diarrhoea, despite not eating and only sipping water. Luckily this time I had the trusty airsick bag on the plane and uninterrupted time in the toilet. With the help of 2 cups of peppermint tea, nothing to eat and dozing off and on I managed to survive the flight from LA to Auckland. I had another 2 hours break there and had an uneventful flight to Melbourne. I've been home for 2 nights and I'm just starting to feel like I am returning to normal. I must have got food poisoning but the worse part was the severe aching from the strain of vomiting. You can tell I am a nurse, I know, because of the health report. LOL
    Anyway it's great to be home and I did have another fabulous trip, marred only slightly by my undignified behaviour at LAX. If questioned, I will of course deny all knowledge of the events and pass them off as a piece of creative writing for your entertainment.
   As a means of making the topic just a little bit respectable, I can share that I stitched 3 more blocks for my Chester County Quilt and I think I only have 2 or 3 left to stitch so I am looking forward to having a finish soon. If you've stuck with me for the length of this I hope you can have a laugh at my expense. Traveling on your own and getting sick is one of the few drawbacks and really I wouldn't have wanted to inflict that on anyone else anyway. Although it would have been handy to have some one to watch my luggage instead of having to cart it with me throughout the ordeal.

Some nice scenery to admire on the flight from Houston to LA. All will soon be well and I did manage to get all my fabric purchases home so I will soon be planning new projects when I should be finishing off WIPs.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Sheila said...

Oh No! You poor dear. It does indeed sound like food poisoning. What a terrible end to a vacation. Hope you are feeling well soon.

ES said...

Sounds awful :( well done for getting home in one piece! Hopefully your fabric will make you feel all better again !!

Carole~Quilter on the hill said...

Oh you poor thing! I've just been catching up on yoour blog, apart from this last episode it sounds as though you had a great trip. Lovely to see your CCCQ blocks they are looking wonderful!

jacaranda said...

Thank goodness you are on the mend, you poor thing. Hopefully all your purchases will put a smile on your face. Take care.

Marijke said...

Just read your blog .Im sorry to read that you had the worst travel home .
feeling better now .
What a great trip you had .thanks for sharing all those photo,s .