Monday, June 30, 2014

More Hexie Madness

 I had started this hexagon quilt just before we left, and it uses 1" hexies. I chose 1" as I am using a jelly roll and 1' has the least amount of waste as I cut the jelly rolls into 2.5" squares and then trim to hexagon shape.
 I prefer to stitch around the cardboard with this size as the backs of the hexagons lie flatter when they are stitched together. I prepared some hexagons while watching TV yesterday and they are waiting for me to make some more flowers.
 The pattern is Maggie Grace's Garden by Di Ford Hall and the book is a Quiltmain production. Di uses slightly smaller hexies but I wanted to use what I have from a previous hexie quilt project. I also have an Accuquilt die to cut more 1" hexies so they cut up quickly.
I started joining the hexies today and plan to work on some more very soon. They seem very large in comparison with my half inch hexie projects but they are still fun to work with. I chose the golden brown colour for the pathway between the flowers as there are small amounts of that colour on some of the fabrics.
Stay tuned!
Hugs, Jan Mac

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margaret said...

1" hexies are my ideal size to use, so relaxing to do can see you will enjoy doing these