Thursday, July 3, 2014

Something Old and Something New

 I have been busy with work but also going through some of my current projects as well as getting ready for our next trip to cape York in 4 weeks time. For my international readers, Cape York is the very tip of the pointy bit of  Australia at the top of Queensland. We had been on our way there last year when my Dad became very sick so we have unfinished business and are doing the trip again at the end of the month. This time we have one of my brothers and some friends joining us as well. There will be 4 vehicles and we have 5 or 6 weeks which will give us plenty of time. Most of the roads around Cape York are best tackled by 4 WD and there will be lots of red dust, corrugated roads, river crossing and salt water crocodiles. It is safe if you are careful and we love the beautiful isolation up there. We took the trip 8 years ago and loved it so we are looking forward to going again and it will be very different to our trip to Europe. I will be taking my hexagon projects but I have also prepped another hand applique block for my Chester County Criswell quilt BOM and plan to get it started this week.
 It's also a good time to go through some of my winter projects. I pulled out my tub of yarn as I am still crocheting squares for blankets for the homeless. For some time, I have also wanted to make a ripple blanket in crochet and I have decided to use some of my yarn stash to finally start one. I'm using the pattern on Attic 24's blog and the ripple will be more obvious as the rows grow. I usually take my crochet when we travel as it is a good project to work on in the car. I wanted to make a start on the ripple blanket to see if it will be a good take-along project. I'm not sure if I want to take that many balls of yarn with me so I may just take my usual yarn to make the squares for my blankets for the needy and I can post a blanket if I finish one and save on space in the camper.
I haven't forgotten my hexagons and I'm still prepping and stitching them and will update my progress soon.
Hugs, Jan Mac


margaret said...

sounds like a good trip although you are in winter now I expect it will still be pretty hot. Love the oak leaf very realistic.

Annette said...

Wow Jan, I'm in awe of you Insanity hexi's and all your projects but now I'm also in awe of your job.....being able to go off another long trip after returning from Europe! Have an amazing time, it's a trip to dream about! I'm sure you could help local economies by purchasing a ball or two of yarn......have fun!

Carole~Quilter on the hill said...

It's great to see one of your CCCQ blocks - that is an amazing fabric. Sounds like another great trip you are planning.

Linda said...

Take the ripple blanket yarn too! Yarn is squashy and I bet you are an excellent packer so squashing balls of yarn into a small space will not be a problem for you, I'm sure! The trip sounds great........ but not sure about those salt water crocodiles, though! Thankfully we don't have to contend with creatures like that when we travel around the UK!