Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Colditz Castle

 From Munich we planned to travel to Grimma, via Nuremburg, where we had planned to meet one of my lovely FB friends. Unfortunately it was a public holiday which changed all the train times and threw our plans into disarray. Not only couldn't we go via Nurmeburg, but it was doubtful that we would make Grimma. After some lovely German people translated for us and worked out how we could leap-frog along to Grimma, we were very relieved to finally reach Grimma station. Even more importantly we were very happy to find some taxis at the station as for the first time I had booked a hotel out of town on the way to Colditz castle which Ray really wanted to see.
So after changing on 4 trains, a taxi and a bus, we finally made it to Colditz Castle. We had a really good tour of the castle and were suprised to hear that they onlt get about 200 Aussies there each year. We met 2 others while we were there and they are living and working there for 3 years. The weather was lovely and we really enjoyed seeing Colditz, the town, as well.

Our lovely hotel at Nimschen, just out of Grimma. Lukcily the bus to Colditz was just opposite the hotel and we reached it easily. We got back to the Grimma station 2 minutes after the train left so we ate a picnic lunch in the sun and enjoyed a rest then off to Berlin.
  Hugs, Jan Mac

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margaret said...

you seem to have been doomed by public holidays on these travels, you will be safe here our next one is not till august