Sunday, October 10, 2021

Many Thanks Sue, Jo and Eileen

I had a quieter week due to a dental root canal but it was good to get it done after 2 months of toothache, having postponed treatment until I was double vaxxed. Lots more donations arrived though and Sue Taylor (Vic) donated 45 beautifully made Santa Sacks, 6 lovely crocheted blankets,  20 soap pouches and 10 crocheted face washers.

Jo Butterfield (Vic) sent a huge parcel with 12 cute soft toys all with beautifully knitted jumpers. They will be in big demand as organisations are requesting more soft toys so every child will get one.

Eileen Nash (Vic) is a new member of Oz Comfort Quilts and she has donated 3 beautiful quilts,  7 crocheted blankets,  a large amount of cloth bags, 4 teddy bears,  household linen, new jewellery,  knitted beanies, new toys, toiletries, pencil sets, and 17 beautifully made Santa Sacks.

June from Lilly Patches in Boronia very generously donated some beautiful Christmas fabric for Eileen to use for the Santa Sacks.

So many people in need will really appreciate all of these wonderful donations. 
Today I also delivered 24 quilts, 96 Santa Sacks,  a large amount of soft toys as well as new toys for Christmas gifts,  to Backpacks 4 Vic Kids,  bringing  our total to 571 quilts donated so far this year which is a wonderful achievement and thanks to everyone who has supported us. 
Hugs, Jan Mac 



Linda said...

Such lovely donations, you must love opening up the parcels and boxes, Jan. I’m staggered at the number of quilts you have already delivered to your various charities this year. Unbelievable!

Maria said...

Such generous donations from those lovely ladies…..