Thursday, October 28, 2021

Many Thanks Marg, Somerville Stitchers and Anne.

Lots of wonderful donations have arrived and I'm playing catch up to photograph and document them all.  Blog world is messing up the order of loading my photos so, as time is short, I will list them under each photo.

Anne Meade (Vic) donated 7 beautiful quilts and the first 2 are from Anne.

Marg Humphrey and her group,  Somerville Stitchers , donated 17 beautiful quilts as well as approximately 30 tops, backing , roll of batting, bed linen, wall hangings, bags, fabric, and a large number of Santa Sacks.

The lovely blue quilt above and pretty log cabin quilt below are both from Anne Meade. 
Anne also made the lovely QAYG quilt below.

Another of Anne's lovely quilts below.

Marg Humphrey is an expert and prolific knitters and made 30 pairs of booties, 5 beanies and 14 baby jackets. She also donated a large bag of Barbie dolls and clothes.

Thanks so much for your very generous donations and support ladies. There will be lots of happy people when they receive these lovely items.
Hugs, Jan Mac 


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