Monday, September 27, 2021

I Still Love QAYG Blocks, UFOs and Hexagons.

This week's finishes are mostly made from string pieced and QAYG blocks which never disappoint me. Cathy Miller from Canada made the lovely string pieced quilt top and also sent the backing, making a lovely quilt to donate.
The next 2 beautiful quilts were made from QAYG blocks donated by several Quilters and they work well to make more lovely quilts to donate. 
Elaine Powell from Qld donated the 2 Central pieces and I combined them with fabric she donated to make a lovely bright quilt for a child.
Norma Aitken and Waverley Patchworkers donated 2 beautiful quilt tops made from 1.5 inch hexagons and I pin basted and quilted one of them today. Usually I would applique the hexagons to borders but the tops were very large already and didn't need borders so I quilted the top and will trim the excess off prior to binding.

   I know lots of quilters aren't that fond of hexagon quilts but for many people they are the design they most often identify with as they have seen older family members making one and it reminds them of happier times. If you find any in Op Shops they are always worth buying as they make lovely quilts to donate. The fabric in this top ranges from 1950s up to a few from 1980s and it's so well pieced that it's going to be a beautiful quilt to donate.

Hugs, Jan Mac 


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Linda said...

Just spotted one of my QAYG String blocks in your yellow sashed quilt. It has some distinctive fabrics in it, frogs and parts of aeroplanes so it jumped out at me!? Those quilts are always my favourites too.