Saturday, July 31, 2021

Lots of Donations Arrive.

While we waited out our 5th lockdown at home lots of you have been very busy sewing, knitting and quilting and lots of donations have arrived.
Rita Tripodi (Vic) sent a very large box containing 2 beautiful quilts,  2 lovely quilt tops and 43 lovely QAYG blocks  to make more lovely quilts to donate. 

Helen Ayres from Victoria has sent another large parcel containing a beautiful quilt, 6 beautifully knitted baby jackets, 2 pair of baby's mittens, 5 children's  beanies and 3 pairs of fingerless gloves  for children. 

Mary Anne Rooney (Vic) sent another parcel with 2 lovely Santa Sacks,  2 burp cloths and 3 QAYG blocks. 
Joan Norfolk (Vic) sent a large parcel containing  a beautiful cot quilt in pastel colours, 2 baby blankets, 11 beautifully knitted baby beanies,6 pairs of booties, and 10 lovely toddler/children's beanies.

Ann Bacon (Vic) has donated 2 large bags of lovely fabric and it was very kindly delivered by Norma Aitken. 
Maureen Menser of Victoria's P's and Q's donated 16 beautiful library/tote bags in lovely fabrics including lots of bright kid's prints. 
So many wonderful donations will help to bring comfort to disadvantaged families and children in care.  Thank you so much for your help.
Hugs, Jan Mac