Thursday, July 8, 2021


This lovely quilt top was made by Vikki Hope  (dec) and donated by her lovely mother, Lauris. It will be going to a child in foster care and I hope that have done it justice on Vikki's behalf.
This lovely quilt top was donated by Marijke Sandee from Holland and it has very cute kid's prints for a young child.

 Maia Butler from NSW donated this lovely bright top,  backing and batting and it's lovely to have it finished and ready for donation.

I have received donations of school uniforms and some had the school logo stitched on them. It was too much work to remove them so I am repurposing the clothing. I don't think I shared this before but this is a pair of shorts that I have turned into a skirt for a young girl and I have several others in the works.
I also finished crocheting enough squares to make another crocheted blanket. 
Usually I have several pieces of knitting on the go and I have finished this little jacket for a toddler and it will go to kids in foster care.
We had a lovely time making cupcakes with the boys and Aidan couldn't believe his luck when he was able to participate too. Thankfully Aidan's dairy allergies have resolved and he can slowly be introduced to dairy products so he loved licking the beaters and Jake licked the bowl so much that he had butter mix in his hair. A fun time for all of us.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

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kiwikid said...

Wonderful finishes, nothing better than seeing the little ones joining in cooking.