Saturday, March 6, 2021

Many Thanks Marilyn and Wendy.

Marilyn Wilson from Victoria has again very generously donated 4 more of her fabulous quilts.
They are all large and  in a range of colours and styles so it will be easy to find people who will love them.

Marilyn also donated these 2 beautifully crocheted blankets. 

Wendy Yates from Victoria has generously donated again with these 9 lovely Santa Sacks as well as the beautiful quilt top. 
So many children in care are going to be happy this Christmas when they receive a Santa Sack of gifts for Christmas. 
Many thanks everyone for your generous donations and support. 
Hugs, Jan Mac 


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Linda said...

Regarding the Santa sacks. I remember you spoke about a need for them and that you would post a link to the pattern. I can’t remember seeing that. Do you think you could add the link in your next post please? Your donated quilts, crochet blankets and Santa sacks are fabulous. Well done to those sewers who made them.