Thursday, February 25, 2021

A Busy Week.

More wonderful donations have arrived with this fabulous quilt coming from Simone Tischler (NSW) and the hexagons are just beautiful. 
Simone also sent some lovely orphan blocks and lovely fabric,  including a really pretty Alice in Wonderland print.
Linda Ashworth from the UK is a very generous supporter of Oz Comfort Quilts and she has very kindly donated 4 lovely library bags in bright kid's prints as well as 5 more lovely QAYG blocks.
Today I  also visited Backpacks for Vic Kids to discuss what they need for their clients, Kids in Foster Care. I took 6 of our lovely hand knits, 2 quilts,  a smaller blanket and one of these sanitary pad holders. They loved everything and they would love more of these items as well as kid's clothing and Santa Sacks. Usually they provide 2,000 to 2,500 Santa Sacks but last year they needed 4,500 so they have started making them now to avoid the pressure of last minute finishes . I will add a link for the Santa Sacks but in the meantime, the link for the sanitary pad holder is at
It's very easy project, using just 5 squares of 6 inch fabric and no fastening to close the pouch. It took me less than 5 minutes to make one so I plan on making more for them.
Thank you all so much for your generous donations everyone and please know that they are all appreciated. 
Hugs, Jan Mac 


Linda said...

So pleased my parcel arrived safely. That’s a huge jump in demand for Santa sacks.
The hexagon quilt is stunning.

ButterZ said...

Thanks Jan for the links. I’ll be waiting for the Santa Sack link too.

ButterZ said...

Jan, is there a way to put up your pattern links on your side bar for us to find easier.

Cheryll said...

I'll make a few pad holders & send them along... xox